Attacking Wisely for Clash of Clans Account

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In playing with your clan mates as you fight your way to the victory in clan wars, there are instances that there are mismatches that happens in fighting bases of the enemy clan. Sometimes we should attack enemy villages with a higher Town Hall and defenses and ending up getting a 1 star, 2 stars or worst no stars at all. There are also instances that we should attack lower Town hall since you needed to clean it up to gain a star which can lead your clan to victory.

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With your Clash of Clans account there are tips that might help you somehow save resources if these instances happen.

Attacking Higher Villages in your Clash of Clans Account

In attacking higher villages in clan wars with doubts if you’re going to get a score of 1 star or 2 stars, you should plan your troops and deployment of troops to ensure the durability of your troops. Follow the steps below and this might lead your doubts into a 1 or 2 stars score or a chance to wipe the enemy village;

  • Observe the enemy village and check the nearest are where the Town Hall is located.
  • Plan your troops wisely so you can take down the town hall to ensure the 1 Star victory score.
  • The next thing you should do is the follow up score which is the possible 2nd star you might get in the enemy village.
  • Depending on your troops you will get these kinds of score with proper troop deployment.
  • In the instance that the Town hall is destroyed, check out across the map and deploy ranged troops on the buildings with the least defense or the buildings unreachable by their defenses.
  • By destroying enough buildings or defenses a 1 Star or 2 stars score can be possible.

Lower Attack Strategy in Clash of Clans Account

In the instance of attacking a lower Town Hall village in clan wars, you should plan your troop composition wisely. In the reason of not deploying all of your spells and troops might destroy the village completely but be aware of your reserved troops and spells in-case of unplanned happenings.

There are times that you should not use all your troops and spells in attacking. By this troop/spell conservation, you will save time in training and cooking troops and spells for your next attack with your Clash of clans account.

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