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Making the economy of an MMORPG stable is one of the most difficult things to do if you’re on the game company’s end. It is pretty hard to come up with something that will stabilize the flow of in-game currency. Not to mention the availability of the crafting materials and how they will adjust the drop rates of those; it is nearly impossible to make a firm, balanced economy. Heck, it is so easy to get the in-game currency in SWTOR that I don’t need to buy SWTOR credits. This makes the prices in the GTN (Auction House) so absurd.

Don’t Need to Buy SWTOR Credits

Another thing that people don’t quite understand about an MMORPG like SWTOR is that, things work as they are for a reason. Just like this concern of a player that posted in Reddit:

So I get that 6 was the original number of companions a character could have (2 tanks, 2 DPS, 1 healer, plus HK or Treek), but now, 6 is pretty ridiculous imo. I just completed all the alliance alerts (minus Lokin, 4X, and Qyzen) and I’ve gotten through Chapter 15. My current number of companions is 21, meaning 14 companions are idle at any one time. If the crafting cap was bumped up to maybe even 10 that’d be fine. I just think 6 is ridiculous for the current state of the game.

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I was about to comment out that if Bioware change the maximum number of companions that can be sent out for crafting missions to a higher number, this will greatly affect the economy in the game, regardless of the server. Because a dedicated player who has nothing to do in real life will monitor all those companions down to the last second and will send them again once they arrive back from the mission. Not to mention that one account can create multiple characters that can acquire the same number of companions. This will make the crafting mats and products cheap, thus bringing cheap SWTOR credits.

Good thing someone answered already what’s in my mind in the thread and hopefully he understands why there is a limit to how many companions you can send to crafting missions at one time.

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