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Last time I shared with you the idea of raid team composition and how it is not a hard requirement in trying to get through bosses. It is not required to have two tanks, four DPS and two healers all the time. Sometimes you will just be needing one tank and a healer. I bet you will be taking out your wallet and placing your bets on me (or buy SWTOR Credits then giving them to me) if you just have seen me solo heal Eternity Vault.

Buy SWTOR Credits: First Boss

The first boss in Eternity Vault is Annihilator Droid XRR-3. This big ass robot is so easy once you know the pattern of the fight and providing you have your sounds turned on. Annihilator Droid XRR-3 is so easy to solo heal that you will have a harder time healing on the turrets before it. I mentioned that you have to have your sounds on because the clue in which moment to stack depends on what he says. Or if you can keep track if Annihilation Droid XRR-3 stomped or not which is harder so just turn on your sounds and don’t be like cheap swtor credits. Yeah go figure what I meant about that.

Buy SWTOR Credits

Anyways, this fight is so easy to heal because Annihilation Droid XRR-3 mostly damages the tank. If there is a raid wide damage, you and your team should stack (when the boss stomps and swings its arm making your tank flying) for easier AOE healing. For the missiles (red dot on the ground), you and your teammates should be moving to avoid them. This is the only time that it will become messy if your raid members don’t move to avoid those red AOE’s. Yeah expect this will happen on one of your DPS and most likely if he is a marauder. Yeah marauders are stupid since birth. So if they do not move, you can still outheal all the damage or let them die (like the swtor credits for sale they are).

Oh last reminder, if your DPS is crap, prepare your behind to outheal the enraged droid’s damage but it is a sure wipe if it does reach its enrage timer.

To be continued…

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