Buy SWTOR Credits for the Toxic People

Buy SWTOR Credits

Star Wars: The Old Republic is an MMORPG that needs a monthly subscription to fully appreciate the whole game. $15 per month, more or less. It is as expensive as millions worth of credits when you buy SWTOR credits. Anyways, back to fully appreciating the content of SWTOR. One of the finest things in the game are the cut scenes. SWTOR is definitely is the winner when it comes to cut scenes.

Buy SWTOR Credits: Skipping Cut Scenes

Correct me if I am wrong, non-subscribed players cannot skip cut scenes. It is ironic though, subscribed players would like to skip cut scenes every time. Like it is a waste of time or something like that. Not with this story from Reddit. He shared his experience and thoughts with us:

I decide to do some Flashpoints on my Sith Warrior, and get kicked out immediately because I want to watch the cutscene and won’t “sb”. Watch it on YouTube? Fuck you guys, I don’t pay $15 a month to watch cutscenes on YouTube. Suddenly I care less about the game becoming more and more of a single player game. Also before you jump down my throat, I main a Jedi Knight and haven’t seen most Imperial side cutscenes. If everyone wants to skip in that case, it’s all good. But being kicked for “trolling” after explaining this? And even if I had seen them and wanted to watch it again, this is how you treat people? Seriously, fuck you guys.

Buy SWTOR Credits

I completely agree with the guy that posted this. I do not mind people watching cut scenes when I am in a flashpoint group. ‘Cause hey, I did too watch them when I first encountered them. I will let others enjoy those great scenes too. I have never tried to kick anyone because they wanted to watch cut scenes. That is totally uncalled for to be honest. Is this a sign of SWTOR players being toxic or something like that? Hopefully not because I don’t want them to be like cheap SWTOR credits, hard but worthless.

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