CD Keys Esports: Ana Amari – Meta Changer

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Yesterday, the latest patch for Overwatch just hit the live servers with a ton of new changes and Overwatch game keys owners are overjoyed. A lot of these changes can be viewed in our previous article here, but the biggest and most significant change of them all is the meta-changing arrival of Ana Amari. Though it is too soon to say that she’ll change the meta, the way she’s played in both Quick Play and Competitive certainly seem to point in that direction and every Overwatch CD keys owner will want to know how. CD Keys Esports: The Meta-Changing Ana […]

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CD Keys Esports: Evolution 2016 Results

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Evolution 2016 has come and gone and we’ve crowned a lot of new champions in the biggest Fighting Game event yet. Hosted on ESPN, the top tier fighters from all around the globe competed in Mandalay Bay for FG dominance in every sense of the phrase. Even basketball legends like Bill Walton found the experience enjoyable as EVO 2016 proved to be the biggest FG competition there ever was. Listed below are the top 8 of each major game in EVO. If you missed the action, there are tons of YouTube Videos of the top 8 of each tourney so […]

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CD Keys Spotlight: Healing and Support in Overwatch

We all know how rare it is to have a player that is eager and willing to play support in Overwatch. Most folks certainly didn’t buy their Overwatch CD Keys just to heal folks with a healing beam or passively running around and not really killing all that much. When there is a healer, especially in matches between players with low levels, folks that want to adjust to the team comp by picking a healer like Mercy, Lucio, or Zenyatta, they have no earthly idea on what to do and how to play them to their fullest potential. Some just […]

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CD Keys Spotlight: Dawn of War 3 Revealed

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Holy crap, Dawn of War 3 was just announced! If you’re an RTS enthusiast living under a rock the past decade or are a complete RTS pleb that wants to get into the genre, Dawn of War is one of the highly successful and highly awesome games of the genre. Initially developed by Relic Entertainment, the Dawn of War series was published by the now defunct THQ. Since THQ’s bankruptcy, a lot of folks have thought that Relic Entertainment would end up getting disbanded or go under itself at the hands of Sega when it was sold to them back […]

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CDKeys Spotlight: The Division’s Worst Exploit

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The Division certainly could have done better in the past few months, and it’s managed to do even worse since it’s latest patch. We all know of the Falcon Lost raid exploit where folks would glitch the spawn closet to obtain tons and tons of gear. Ubisoft is still working on a fix for this, but it still hasn’t decided on what to do with the exploiters or if they’re even going to do anything at all. But, out of the frying pan and into the oven, Ubisoft got more problems than they bargained for. There’s an even worse glitch […]

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CD Keys Spotlight: Top 20 Babes in Fighting Games 2

“Even though some of us don’t have any access to console fighting games, we all can’t help but ogle at the bevy of babes fighting game history has presented us. We count down 20 of the most bodacious fighting game girls that have graced our screens in the past years.” Click here for Part 1! CD Keys Spotlight Continues! It’s been a while  since we revisited this topic, so we start off anew with part 2 of our CD Keys Spotlight: Top 20 Babes in Fighting Games. 18. Sonya Blade (Mortal Kombat Series) This Mortal Kombat staple is a beauty […]

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CDKeys Runback: DC Universe Online

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CDKeys Runback is a column we’re going to be running as we look back on some old games, single player or MMO, that have aged rather well or have been continuously receiving updates and don’t have any signs of slowing down. We’d like to be able to spread the love for a lot of these underrated games because a lot of them get swept under the rug due to a bad initial release or simply overwhelmed by the hype of another game during its time. This first game we’re going to tackle is a gem known as DC Universe Online. CDKeys […]

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CD Keys Spotlight: Until Dawn

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Ever scream at a horror movie like Friday the 13th or Halloween because some of the protagonists are clear idiots? Ever watch any other protagonist check out some creepy noise alone and you’re screaming at the back of your mind for him not to check it out? Ever think that you’re smarter than any of those main characters? Well, here’s your chance. Until Dawn is an interactive drama survival-horror game developed by Supermassive games that thrusts players into the shoes of a group of college kids that aim to survive a “cabin in the woods” setting. It’s different from our usual […]

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