In a world of IP rights, having a CD Key is essential

Nowadays in the 21st century, almost everything has gone digital. This comes with a lot of advantages and disadvantages that have revolutionized the way businesses sell and distribute their software products. This has also changed how piracy operates. Making everything digital has also made it easier for pirates to propagate software illegitimately/illegally. In response to this, companies have been employing all sorts of countermeasures they can come up with in order to protect their intellectual properties and maintain their profits. One of these said countermeasures is the incorporation of a CD key for software products.   How a CD Key […]

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CD Keys Review: Overwatch from the POV of an FPS Hater Part 1

Let me get this straight: I HATE first person shooters. Inb4 “lol u prolly bad at them.” No. Just no. The last time I played competitively in a shooter was back in Call of Duty 3 when, you know, the series didn’t suck yet and was still grounded in the realism and significance of World War II. But once modern warfare came out and the rest of the sci-fi crap, I just really had to bow out of shooters entirely considering they were all pretty much the same. How? Well, you press left click a lot of time or hold […]

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CD Key Randomness! DCUO End Game Gearing Guide Part 1

dcuo, cd keys, game keys, end game guide, cdkey, marks of victory 1

Welcome to the first ever installment of our new column called CD Key Randomness! Every X week, we’ll be picking a random game and write a guide about it. A lot of these guides can form up to several parts that may or may not be continued on the next installment. So, yeah, randomness. This first article we random’d is on DC Universe OnlineĀ and how to go about your gear progression at end game. So get your DCUO game keys and cdkey on hand as we go trek through the madly awesome progression of DC Univese Online. CD Key Randoms: […]

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