Profiting your Resources in Clash of Clans Account

Farming Is Not Just Farming: Do you know that feeling when you hit that one rare base and get more than 1M in total resources? Nice feeling, right? But how often does this happen if you’re attacking with your Clash of Clans Account? Not very often… Farming is not about the big loot pots; it’s about the steady and continuous profit you make to get the resources together. The big ones in between are nice, but in general you need to have a good technique that will make you some profit attack after attack. Gold, Elixir or Dark Elixir in […]

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Friendly Challenge: Clash of Clans Account Update

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One of the exiting update for this month is the Friendly Challenge. This will allow you to attack the village of your friend or clan mate without spending your troops or stealing his/her resources. This can serve your practice ground in testing your current village. This can test the durability of your base and your skill in attacking with your Clash of Clans Account About the Friendly Challenge mode and how it could break Clan War. There will be more Sneak Peeks coming before the update gets released next week, so let’s focus on what they changed – and the […]

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Hog Riders: Tips to Use the Jumping Troops in Clash of Clans Account

hog riders in clash of clans account

There are times that when we are playing with our Village in Clash of Clans account, we can’t escape the struggle in using the troops that we never used before. Usually we are ending up getting nothing or if very lucky, we get a 1 star raid attack. But, yeah sometimes we are ending up the worst getting nothing at all. Today, here are some tips on how not to play properly using Hog Riders using your Clash of Clans Account. Things you Failed at in Using Hog Riders in Clash of Clans Account Here are the things that you […]

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Training Time: Clash of Clans Account Balancing

sell clash of clans account

Have you been busy for few days which can make you unproductive in playing your Clash of Clans Account? With this month’s update, troops with long training time are reduced such as P.E.K.K.A, Golem, and Hounds etc. With this update, you can now attack villages with high level troops without getting tired waiting for a long time. Bonus Loots with Clash of Clans Troops In the previous updates, they’ve added a feature called 5 star bonus loots. This means if you earn the total 5 stars in your battles you will be rewarded with bonus gold, elixir and dark elixir […]

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Troop Count: Clash of Clans Account Castle Troops

This guide can be your best defense against intruders; the best defending Clan Castle Troop setups for Clan War can be your one of the keys to defend your base. Remember that the level of your clan castle is important since the level will determine the number of troops you can request to defend your village in your Clash of Clans Account. Clan Castle Level in Clash of Clans Account Best defending Clan Castle Troops for 15 Housing Space 15 Housing Space does not offer a lot of space for creativity so here is the best combo to put in […]

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