Pokemon Go Powerleveling: Evolving Pokemon

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Whenever you caught a Pokemon always keep it just for a period of time since evolving is one of the essential of this game. In evolving Pokemon you need a specified Pokemon candy so you can evolve the Pokemon you wanted. Now here are the things that you need to know in evolving Pokemon. CP and Skills in Pokemon Go Powerleveling There are times that we catch Pokemon with High CP together with high skill damage. But there are times that we catch Pokemon with high CP but with weak skill damage. Here are the things you need to watch […]

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Pokemon Go Accounts Patch Notes

It has been over a month now since Pokemon Go’s release date (varying for different countries). As expected, there are some flaws to the games and fortunately, these don’t affect the game that much. With the intense popularity of the game, it is just right to fix these minor bugs quickly to avoid disappointment and they sure did. Here are some of the changes that Pokemon Go Accounts will see when they play. Pokemon Go Accounts Changes The very important addition is the notification when the game detects you are going too fast and assumed playing while driving. Kudos to […]

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