SWTOR Credits: Support Us

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One thing I am completely confident about playing Star Wars: The Old Republic is that, I know the support team behind the game will respond fast. Yeah, I don’t know if that’s something Bioware, EA or whoever is responsible in responding to players’ tickets, is proud of. Like lost SWTOR Credits ticket, they respond quickly to that. SWTOR Credits for the Support Team I remember when I was new to SWTOR and I just reached max level, I had this stupid mistake of buying two earpieces from an NPC. Yeah, stupid of me because a character only has one slot […]

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Buy SWTOR Credits: Companions Talk

Making the economy of an MMORPG stable is one of the most difficult things to do if you’re on the game company’s end. It is pretty hard to come up with something that will stabilize the flow of in-game currency. Not to mention the availability of the crafting materials and how they will adjust the drop rates of those; it is nearly impossible to make a firm, balanced economy. Heck, it is so easy to get the in-game currency in SWTOR that I don’t need to buy SWTOR credits. This makes the prices in the GTN (Auction House) so absurd. […]

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SWTOR Credits Finding Guild

It is almost impossible to go solo flight in Star Wars: The Old Republic. There are numerous roadblocks when you do play alone. Most activities, dailies, weeklies and of course, raids, are only doable with someone (or in a group). There are in-game activities that can be soloed but the convenience of doing them with someone is priceless. Yeah, cannot be measured by any quantity of SWTOR Credits. SWTOR Credits: Help With the knowledge of playing alone in Star Wars: The Old Republic is not desirable, you must try and find one, well, in-game. Maybe shout in the general chat […]

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SWTOR Credits: Mara PvP

Marauders have been a favorite in Star Wars: The Old Republic when it comes to damage. Actually, it was the sniper who held the spot. With all the attention that Sniper gets when it comes to balancing, they are always the target of nerfing. Marauders on the other hand, even with balancing and nerfing on them, the sheer power potential in the meta of Marauder is still too good. Number crunchers always also find a way to make Marauder optimal thus ending up atop the parsing boards. They are so powerful, even though I don’t really prefer using Marauder, I […]

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Buy SWTOR Credits for Challenge

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One thing you might look for in an MMORPG is challenge. Yeah, you are playing because it is to have fun, or to play with real life friends, or maybe just to meet new people and do something new with them as well. Nothing is more fulfilling about an MMORPG like Star Wars: The Old Republic is to achieve one, two or all of the mentioned and overcoming difficult challenges in the game. But what if the game is not challenging anymore? Is it bad? Let us find out what one person thinks about Star Wars: The Old Republic when […]

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Buy SWTOR Credits: EV Solo Heals

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Last time I shared with you the idea of raid team composition and how it is not a hard requirement in trying to get through bosses. It is not required to have two tanks, four DPS and two healers all the time. Sometimes you will just be needing one tank and a healer. I bet you will be taking out your wallet and placing your bets on me (or buy SWTOR Credits then giving them to me) if you just have seen me solo heal Eternity Vault. Buy SWTOR Credits: First Boss The first boss in Eternity Vault is Annihilator […]

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