Overwatch Accounts: Too Many Snipers

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We shouldn’t generalize on basically anything. One thing doesn’t automatically mean something because it occurs often. So, for example, you think that you will lose when someone on your team picks Widowmaker or Hanzo, then you are generalizing. There are good Widowmaker and Hanzo players out there and maybe you just don’t get to team up with them and if you do, you will definitely love their presence. But why do Overwatch Accounts players hate people picking Hanzo and / or Widowmaker and quick to judge them when they do pick those heroes? Let’s find out. Overwatch Accounts’ Reasons Snipers […]

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Attacking Wisely for Clash of Clans Account

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In playing with your clan mates as you fight your way to the victory in clan wars, there are instances that there are mismatches that happens in fighting bases of the enemy clan. Sometimes we should attack enemy villages with a higher Town Hall and defenses and ending up getting a 1 star, 2 stars or worst no stars at all. There are also instances that we should attack lower Town hall since you needed to clean it up to gain a star which can lead your clan to victory. With your Clash of Clans account there are tips that […]

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Buy CD Keys of Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns Expansion

Guild Wars 2 is a five-year-old MMORPG developed by ArenaNet and published by NCSOFT. Its gameplay is mostly third-person view, but with an automatic targeting system. You can still be the one to dodge the attacks and aim your own skills, though. It has a massive and really long plot, with the Living Story adding to the main story quest. Upon release, it was a pay-to-play MMO (with an option to buy gems). However, they switched to a free-to-play model in August 2015. Two months later, they released an expansion, Heart of Thorns. Get ready to buy CD keys for […]

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More Chances to Get Those Rocket League Items

Rocket League is opening a new competitive mode called ‘Dropshot’. It will be available for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One on March 22, and best of all, it’s for free. In addition to that, this new mode will give you the chance to earn more Rocket League items. What is Dropshot? Dropshot is a mode similar to volleyball. You try to keep the ball from touching the ground on your side. This mode comes with a new stat, Damage, along with the old stats of Goals, Saves, and Assists. Instead of trying to score a goal, your aim is […]

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Titanfall 2 CD Key

Titanfall 2 is the sequel to Titanfall (totally unrelated to the ‘Attack on Titan’ anime). Fans of the first game should definitely get a CD key for this sequel. It is a first person shooter with a little parkour and stealth elements. Pilots, the player characters, can run, jump, climb walls (assisted by jump kits), and use zip-lines. By stringing these actions together, the pilot can move from point to point efficiently. They added new mechanics including holograms that could confuse enemies and the use of a grappling hook. Pilots now have the ability to slide, and the pulse blade, […]

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Back to Basics: Clash of Clans Account Attacks with Giants

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Playing with giants in farming for elixir and gold in your Clash of Clans account is a basic move. Giants are usually used since they have affordable elixir price in the barracks with 2 minute training time. They are durable enough to tank damages for high level villages. Partnering them with bunch of wizards, archers or healers they will do the press of attack to destroy defenses. Troop Composition with Giants in Clash of Clans Account Here are few of the combined troop combination with the giants; Giant / Wizards – Wizards are the usually used troops in combining with […]

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Is It worth Making an Overwatch account?

Overwatch took the world by storm once it got released. With its quirky characters fast-paced gameplay, it charmed a lot of people, gamer and non-gamer alike. Overwatch account numbers skyrocketed. That’s why, when Blizzard announces or releases something controversial, the internet explodes. One example of this was the announcement that Lena Oxton, also called Tracer, was a lesbian. Forums and social media flooded with varying opinions on this, ranging from celebration to extreme disgust. There are those who didn’t care, those who loved it, and those who loathed it so much that feeling spilled over to the people who expressed […]

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I might just create an Overwatch account

I just saw an introduction video to the game Overwatch, and I must say that I am surprisingly intrigued enough to actually consider making an Overwatch account. I was expecting a regurgitated and repackaged cookie-cutter type of first person shooter game with zero substance, but I was proven wrong after all. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a first person shooter game like this before where you would actually need to strategize and think, but maybe I just haven’t explored the genre enough to know better.   Create an Overwatch account through the Blizzard website The game actually mixes and […]

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Overwatch Accounts Rejoice!

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You own an Overwatch Account? Good news to you because the day we have all been waiting for is here! The November 15, 2016 Overwatch patch is now live and can be enjoyed by Overwatch Accounts owner! Overwatch Accounts: Patch Notes There are three major additions to the game and they are: New Hero, New Feature and New Arena Map. This write-up will focus on the new hero because this is what all Overwatch players are so excited about. Sombra is here. Here is something about her that you might want or need to know: New Hero: Sombra (Offense) One […]

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Rise of Iron Key: Destiny’s Wrath of the Machine Solo!


“Wrath of the Machine,” is Destiny’s current premier raid in its latest expansion, Rise of Iron, has been beaten. Within 2 hours of release, the raid was already beaten. Not only that, it was beaten, not by a solid core group of hardcore raiders, but by one solitary player going by the name of ScaRdrow. This YouTuber has been doing tons of crazy stuff on his channel concerning Destiny but this is, as he says, his greatest achievement in the MMO hybrid and the hardest one he’s come across. If you’re wondering, yes, he was using a Warlock. Not so surprised […]

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