Redeem Codes E-Sports: Overwatch Atlantic Showdown Top 8

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The NA and EU qualifiers for ESL’s OVerwatch Atlantic Showdown are finally over and the 4 best teams from NA and the the 4 best from EU will be duking it out in the game’s first ever six-figure tournament held entirely at Gamescom in Germany. August 20 will be the date that we’ll have the first champion team in an event this huge. Remember to watch the event unfold and watch out for Overwatch redeem codes that may possibly be given away during the stream. The action’s not the only thing you’ll love at Gamescom, but the free redeem codes […]

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CD Keys Esports: Overwatch Reaches 15 Million Players

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Activision-Blizzard confirmed that Overwatch has gone past 15 million players across platforms, “including box and digital sales, internet game room players, and multi-user console households.” This news comes from the latest report on Activision’s second quarter earnings found here. Overwatch has the biggest online community in the history of the company, surpassing that of even World of Warcraft and Hearthstone, though it certainly would not have the same level of success if it weren’t for the already established fan base of said games. CD Keys Esports: The Overwatch Monster It has been monstrously popular in the gaming world since even before its […]

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Redeem Codes: Overwatch Summer Olympics Loot Boxes!

With the latest update but a mere few hours ago from the time of this writing, Blizzard has introduced its first ever event skins for Overwatch! Live right now on PC, Xbox, and PS4 are the Summer Olympics-themed loot boxes for Overwatch! These exclusive event items are available only from today until the 22nd of August when the Summer Olympics close in Rio de Janeiro. Each loot box, like the regular loot boxes in game, have four random Summer Olympics-themed items. These range from awesomely Legendary skins to neat little sprays that highlight the hype and fanfare of these games. There is […]

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Buy SWTOR Credits: Mara/Sent PvP Pt. 2

Last time we talked about someone asking the standing of Marauders in PvP in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Since last time I only gave my opinion on the topic, let us now see what other people think. This can also confirm if I was right or not. Hopefully, I was correct because I might buy SWTOR credits to make for my mistake. LOL? Buy SWTOR Credits: People’s Opinion This is from Nitia: In 8 months? I don’t think much has changed in the meta to be honest. You’ll still see Marauders in a good spot, high dps, good burst […]

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CD Keys Esports: Overwatch Ana Buff and McCree Nerf

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“BUFF MCCREE” “NERF MCCREE” “BUFF ANA” “I WANT PIZZA” Blizzard listened and Blizzard delivered. Sometimes I’m not really sure if that’s a good thing. McCree’s been up and down in the meta as of late and, hopefully, this will be the last time for him in a very long time. Hold onto your CD keys and game keys and see the changes below: CD Keys: The Overwatch Changes Ana   Biotic Rifle   -Rate of fire increased by 20%   -Magazine size increased from 8 to 10   Developer Comments: While Ana has been very well received, she was showing […]

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SWTOR Credits: Mara PvP

Marauders have been a favorite in Star Wars: The Old Republic when it comes to damage. Actually, it was the sniper who held the spot. With all the attention that Sniper gets when it comes to balancing, they are always the target of nerfing. Marauders on the other hand, even with balancing and nerfing on them, the sheer power potential in the meta of Marauder is still too good. Number crunchers always also find a way to make Marauder optimal thus ending up atop the parsing boards. They are so powerful, even though I don’t really prefer using Marauder, I […]

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CD Keys Esports: Ana Amari – Meta Changer

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Yesterday, the latest patch for Overwatch just hit the live servers with a ton of new changes and Overwatch game keys owners are overjoyed. A lot of these changes can be viewed in our previous article here, but the biggest and most significant change of them all is the meta-changing arrival of Ana Amari. Though it is too soon to say that she’ll change the meta, the way she’s played in both Quick Play and Competitive certainly seem to point in that direction and every Overwatch CD keys owner will want to know how. CD Keys Esports: The Meta-Changing Ana […]

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Blade and Soul Gold Video Guide!

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It doesn’t matter what patch or version you find yourself in when playing Blade and Soul; you always have a need for lots of Blade and Soul gold. Not only does this help with progression and vanity, but it prepares you for whatever expenses may be required in the future. Unfortunately, it isn’t exactly easy to farm for said Blade and Soul gold unless you find one willing to sell Blade and Soul gold for a reasonable price, but that would also be difficult considering the number of scammers out there. Fortunately, however, there are a couple of gold making […]

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Buy SWTOR Credits for Challenge

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One thing you might look for in an MMORPG is challenge. Yeah, you are playing because it is to have fun, or to play with real life friends, or maybe just to meet new people and do something new with them as well. Nothing is more fulfilling about an MMORPG like Star Wars: The Old Republic is to achieve one, two or all of the mentioned and overcoming difficult challenges in the game. But what if the game is not challenging anymore? Is it bad? Let us find out what one person thinks about Star Wars: The Old Republic when […]

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SWTOR Credits: Interested

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Star Wars: The Old Republic is not yet dead. I know, I have written some articles saying that my SWTOR credits are going to the dumps because the game is dying. Then again, there is still light. I just realized with this post I’m going to share with you guys. SWTOR Credits: Question There is someone in Reddit who posted in search for a new MMORPG. I think he heard of Star Wars: The Old Republic already since, well, he posted in the SWTOR subreddit about his inquiry. Here is WhiteFrost90’s post: Hey i have a question (wich may be […]

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