BnS Gold Opinions: What “is” Pay2Win?

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China: If it is possible to get ANY kind of advantage in-game using real life money, the game is Pay2Win. Joseph Smith: As long as there is ANY possible way for a non-paying player to get everything a paying player can get, the game is NOT Pay2Win. Those are the two extremes of Pay2Win presented by a reddit user on what the term really means. For years, ever since the advent of the F2P MMO’s popularity, there have been two burning questions in every gamers’ mind: Is X game Pay2Win? And what the hell exactly is the proper definition of […]

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BnS Gold: Gameguard and Hacking

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Sell BnS Gold: Goodguard, Badguard Gameguard! The most useless anti-hacking program since…. err…. since a baseball bat! It’s fairly one of the most useless programs for MMOs ever and all it does is cause tons of problems on your PC. More harm than good, it screws around with a lot of other innocuous 3rd party programs like DXTory, a recording software, and gives buttloads of frame rate issues. Past the game itself, it also tends to eat up more memory than it should just to run, screwing up other programs you may have running in the background of your PC. Not […]

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Who Will You Bet Your SWTOR Credits Between The Three Healers?

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Every MMORPG I play, I always take on a role of a healer. I like saving stupid people’s lives as they love taking unnecessary damage and because it is as equally hard as being a tank in MMORPG. I am talking about PvE aspect by the way. Don’t I like dealing damage and be awesome? Yeah I love seeing my damage up in some of my DPS characters but truthfully, I hate being a generic player who only knows how to hit things. And being a healer gives you the chance to see everything that is happening on a fight […]

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CDKeys Runback: DC Universe Online

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CDKeys Runback is a column we’re going to be running as we look back on some old games, single player or MMO, that have aged rather well or have been continuously receiving updates and don’t have any signs of slowing down. We’d like to be able to spread the love for a lot of these underrated games because a lot of them get swept under the rug due to a bad initial release or simply overwhelmed by the hype of another game during its time. This first game we’re going to tackle is a gem known as DC Universe Online. CDKeys […]

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Blade and Soul Account: AP Follies

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Can’t Get The AP Requirements? There’s been a whole lot of hullabaloo over the “intense” AP requirements people have been spewing out in the past couple of weeks in the end game of Blade and Soul. This isn’t the first time I’ve ever seen some unrealistic expectations of partying for dungeons or whatever. Folks asking for 500 AP in dungeons where the minimum is nowhere near that are as prevalent as ever. I’ve gone through these gear check requirements in countless other games, but I’ve always experienced them worse in F2P MMOs for some reason. Blade and Soul here is […]

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CD Keys Spotlight: Until Dawn

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Ever scream at a horror movie like Friday the 13th or Halloween because some of the protagonists are clear idiots? Ever watch any other protagonist check out some creepy noise alone and you’re screaming at the back of your mind for him not to check it out? Ever think that you’re smarter than any of those main characters? Well, here’s your chance. Until Dawn is an interactive drama survival-horror game developed by Supermassive games that thrusts players into the shoes of a group of college kids that aim to survive a “cabin in the woods” setting. It’s different from our usual […]

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BnS Gold or NCoins? NCSoft’s Billing Issues

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Everybody knows how much the new outfits are in Blade and Soul these days, amounting to a grand total of 2600 NCoins. It might even cost a ton of BnS gold for those that are too cheap to shell out money in real life. It’s a little burn in your pocket, but surely, things like these are subjective from person to person. Folks can do whatever they want with their money, right? But it’s a problem when NCSoft makes it difficult for you just to buy NCoins from their main website. Apparently, a lot of folks have been reporting some […]

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CD Key Spotlight: Dark Souls 3 – Press Copy Review

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If the previous incarnations of the Dark Souls series, including spinoffs like Bloodborne and its earlier incarnation, Demons’ Souls, were about worlds teetering on the edge of oblivion, Dark Souls 3 is one that is unabashedly exploring the already doomed world with new combat mechanics, rich lore, and stunning design. We’re lucky enough to get our own Press Copy CD Keys to review the game for you and to see if buying a Steam CD Key is worth your money. We won’t be exploring this too much because we would rather you all judge for yourselves how it goes. But, […]

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CD Key Spotlight: Top 20 Babes in Fighting Games

CD Key: Babes in Fighting Games There are tons of fighting games out there that have captured our hearts. While a lot of them were very exclusive for consoles and arcades, the landscape of the esports market these days is making fighting game developers adapt to bringing us delicious cd keys for the PC. Good notable examples of such games are Guilty Gear, Street Fighter, Blazblue, and Skullgirls. With that said, even though some of us don’t have any access to console fighting games, we all can’t help but ogle at the bevy of babes fighting game history has presented […]

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Blade and Soul Gold Class Review: Warlock

Choosing a class is one of the most important decisions an MMORPG player makes. The more options a player has, then the better, as every class offers something new to the plate. So in case you haven’t noticed, you should know that Blade and Soul has given players a new class to try and hopefully stick with. Here’s a new Hongmoon disciple whom you’ll be spending time with and Blade and Soul gold in: the Warlock. Blade and Soul Gold for Your Warlock If you have noticed, there was a bit of a shortage of spellcaster types in Blade and […]

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