CD Keys Spotlight: Things To Know in an Overwatch Game P1

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Since Overwatch has been released, the mad hype surrounding it only got madder as players breeze through match after match. CD Keys for Overwatch have been flying left and right, leaving many suppliers unable to stock their wares to meet the demand. Heck, even Blizzard’s having a hard time keeping up with it too. The game is damned fun and can only get better, especially considering its amazing esports potential. Overwatch has a great approach and relatively shallow learning curve, so it’s easy to pick up on how things work. Folks who are used to the concept of PvP in […]

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CD Keys Review: Overwatch from the POV of an FPS Hater Part 1

Let me get this straight: I HATE first person shooters. Inb4 “lol u prolly bad at them.” No. Just no. The last time I played competitively in a shooter was back in Call of Duty 3 when, you know, the series didn’t suck yet and was still grounded in the realism and significance of World War II. But once modern warfare came out and the rest of the sci-fi crap, I just really had to bow out of shooters entirely considering they were all pretty much the same. How? Well, you press left click a lot of time or hold […]

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CD Keys Spotlight: Overwatch – Lore and Animations

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Yeah, you know we’d head here eventually. But, by now, you all probably know that Overwatch offers the Team Fortress 2 experience with bewbs and waifus. However, that’s not a fair thing to say as it offers an entirely unique experience of FPS Multiplayer Online Battle Arena or, as most of you keep denying, a MOBA. Overwatch counts as a MOBA; deal with it. CD Keys: Seriously, Watch Overwatch Other than being stupidly fun and Esports-worthy, Overwatch offers a rich and amazing lore that Blizzard developed. We all know what Blizzard is capable of in terms of immersion and lore […]

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