Blade and Soul Gold: The Problem With SSP

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SSP can be just absolutely unbearable at times due to the lack of people in the game opting for world PvP. Unfortunately, you can’t at all get BiS (Best in slot) gear if you don’t do SSP and you certainly can’t make tons of Blade and Soul gold just letting those dailies slide. This is a problem for many MMOs that are especially dependent on activities that provide so much character progression that are open world PvP-related. We’re not the only people concerned with this issue in Blade and Soul; a lot of folks are already complaining about it in-game, […]

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Redeem Code News: Star Citizen Backer Refund

In an unprecedented event, a backer of Star Citizen has successfully refunded the gross amount of $2550 from Cloud Imperium Games after bringing his complaints about the company to the L.A. Attorney General and consumer watchdogs, including the Federal Trade Commission. Afterwards, he went on publicly to show his correspondences with the associated parties to show how much of a hassle he had to go through just to get a refund for his undelivered Star Citizen redeem code. The backer, known as ‘Streetroller’, has put the back and forth on the SomethingAwful forums. It’s pretty long so we’ll give you a […]

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CD Keys: E3 Roundup – The Sony Decimation

Let’s skip the pleasantries and get right down to it; Sony simply DESTROYED everything else in E3. They’ve had so many crazy announcements that the other developers and publishers were easy to ignore. Of course, there were those that held on to their own ground and were fantastic announcements nonetheless, but Sony clearly had majority of the interest at the show. CD Keys: Tons of New IPs and Sequels There are just so many new things put on display this E3 2016 and none have shown greater interest than those put out by Sony. But the biggest draw of the […]

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