CD Key for Legal Purchasing of Games

When we are purchasing a game specially the account based games for authentic registration purposes. Well that is the main purpose of CD Key in some games. If you purchase a game, the CD key will be your unique authentication number to protect your account and the game itself. If an unauthorized person is trying to access your account and game it will ask for the authentication and the game will ask for the key to access the game.


CD Key for Easy Access of Games

If you purchased a game in a certain client or cloud saving clients like Steam or Battle net; some games will give your corresponding CD Key. This key will be the authorization pass to access your purchased game and account. The game cannot be accessed if you lost your CD Key as well as your account. Note that you must keep your key by yourself for security purposes.

Accessing the purchased game by your CD Key

There are times that you need to play the purchased game on some places. But you are worrying that you haven’t brought your game console. All you have to do is access the account of your cloud saving client like Steam or Battle net and enter your CD key and your game will be available to access. You are now able to download your game legally because of your CD key.


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