CD Key Salty Runback: A Look at Launch Day “The Division”

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CD Key Salty Runback is going to be our new little segment here on the site where we go back and take a loot at some of the games we’ve already talked about or the segment that takes a real look into the games we couldn’t before due to it not being released yet. This is perfect for The Division because we’ve already tackled it in an older article but, with no press copies, we couldn’t really review it properly. But, considering that it’s really too early to give it a whole review, consider this as one in progress and we’ll be doing a couple of Salty Runbacks on this game due to its scope, size, and hype.

CD Key: Without further ado….

The Division finally went live a day ago and it’s already seeing a lot of problems but also coupled with a lot of good praise. Players have been able to explore the crazily hyped world and gorgeously-realized environments of The Division’s New York City. For those that have been able to play, it’s been a grand experience but it certainly doesn’t indicate how far the game will go in the months to come.

The most compelling part of The Division, apart from the praised atmosphere and immersive story line is the much touted “Dark Zone” where the game really pushes for some hardcore DayZ-like acts. Players can set up, betray, and pretty much do whatever in the Dark Zone. With the most epic loot, the Dark Zone is pretty much The Division’s Lighthouse equivalent from Destiny without the stupid arena matches. Reviewers still have no idea how to feel about the Dark Zone because the way it is shaped, treated, and regarded by the game’s populace will change as time goes by. But it does look to be a place that will only get harder and harder to survive in especially when there are a lot of competitive PvPers already getting ahead in terms of both gear and skill.

CD Key: Still a Lot of Day 1 Problems

But of course, there’s still the log in issues. Some of us players cannot even play the the single player mode because the game has to be logged into Ubisoft’s servers. Genius.

Before any of us can actually give a fair review of it, we’ll have to wait more for the online online  part of it to develop when more people drop in. How long will that take? Maybe a few months. Until then, we’ll be dropping various first-impressions info on you as the game moseys on along.

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