CD Key Spotlight: Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

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Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel is the latest release in the highly popular Borderlands series. If you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade, Borderlands is a shoot-em-up, RPG with Diablo-esque looting. It’s been one of the best franchises to grace our screens, both on PC and Console, since Halo came about in my opinion.

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CD Key: Handsomely Handsome, Jack

The Pre-Sequel’s story occurs in between the first and seconds games, detailing the rise of Handsome Jack as the protagonist of the 2nd game. Developed by the good folks of the, now defunct, 2K Australia, Pre-Sequel was to expand on the awesomely awesome loot-n-shoot action of the primary games with their own twist of being on Pandora’s moon.

Wilhelm, the trusty robot henchman of Handsome Jack, Nisha, the Sheriff and girlfriend of Handsome Jack in the 2nd game, Athena, the Atlas Assassin rouge from the General Knoxx expansion from the first Borderlands, and, of course, Claptrap, form the the odd team in the Pre-Sequel. With a bevy of new skills like Athena’s Shmaptain Shmamerica god shield to Nisha’s auto-aim skills, there’s a whole new world to explore in the Pre-Sequel.

Featuring a new element, Cryo, The Pre-Sequel bursts out of the gate with the same great action and the maddening ton of loot to be had. Cryo replaces Slag from the previous game, Borderlands 2, as the must have to deal damage. Instead of increasing damage like Slag does, Cryo has a chance to freeze opponents in their tracks, incapacitating them from any attacks or movement as well as increasing the damage dealt by other attacks.¬†Well, it’s pretty much the same idea as Slag except that it paralyzes opponents now and has a chance to outright kill them.

CD Key: A Great Game with a Few Flaws

Compared to its predecessor, Borderlands 2, The Pre-Sequel isn’t exactly a blockbuster nor is it the most polished game. There are still a few bugs and the end game, without the DLC, is a bit weak compared to earlier version. It is still a solid choice for anybody looking for a ton of action and looting. While some might feel that it would have been better served as an expansion for Borderlands 2 rather than an entirely new game, it’s still worth the buy now especially since it has reduced in price in Steam and other 3rd party sites. If you’re looking for a loot fix, this game is for you.

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