CD Key Spotlight: The Current State of Street Fighter V

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Street Fighter V is in a bit of an iffy spot right now. The bad launch week, missing features, and continuously horrendous netcode of this fighting game is testing its actual penetrating power as a focused esport. I’m not saying that fighting games aren’t esports, but this is the first time that any FG developer has attempted a game platform similar to League of Legends or DoTA. And, that is, in the sense that there will be one sole game until the end of time, supplemented only with added content, characters, and an in-game store.

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This is further proven to be the real goal of Capcom, not only through their own claims, but also due to the very nature of the game’s meta-mechanics work. The perfect comparison here is with LoL and its RP/IP currency. Street Fighter V has answered with its equivalent of Zenny, the actual cash shop currency, and Battle Points (BP), currency earned as you play the game. With the (hopefully) imminent release of Alex this March, it’s been revealed that SFV is taking the Moba-esque direction. After Alex, we still have Guile, Balrog, Ibuki, Juri, and Urien to wait for. All those characters are available for purchase either with $6 worth of Zenny or 100k BP. Much like Mobas, we already see here that Street Fighter is aiming for the same kind of “F2P” feel apart from the initial game purchase. It is unknown as of now as to how many more characters they will add past the initial 6, but that the only sure thing here is that they will add more.

But before all that, Capcom has to fix the plentiful online issues such as the inability for a lot of people to create and join Battle Lounges, the lack of available slots for said Lounges, and heavier penalties for Rage Quitters in random Ranked and Casual matches. If Capcom wants SFV to evolve past the EVO tournaments and find an audience and popularity and scale of the grand arenas of LoL and DoTA, it’s going to have to keep its priorities straight and fix the server stability issues, ASAP.

Don’t let this deter you; Street Fighter V is a damn fine game loved by pros like Daigo Umehara, Ricky Ortiz, Justin Wong, Filipino Champ, and Momochi, just to name a few. For you Moba enthusiasts out there, Evil Geniuses, Razr, and Redbull have their own fighting game division that’s solely focusing on Street Fighter V. It just has a few hiccups right now that Capcom has to take the initiative in fixing.

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