CD Key Spotlight: Top 20 Babes in Fighting Games

CD Key: Babes in Fighting Games

There are tons of fighting games out there that have captured our hearts. While a lot of them were very exclusive for consoles and arcades, the landscape of the esports market these days is making fighting game developers adapt to bringing us delicious cd keys for the PC. Good notable examples of such games are Guilty Gear, Street Fighter, Blazblue, and Skullgirls.

With that said, even though some of us don’t have any access to console fighting games, we all can’t help but ogle at the bevy of babes fighting game history has presented us. We count down 20 of the most bodacious fighting game girls that have graced our screens in the past years.

20. Scharlachrot

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We start off with a relatively unknown character because this list isn’t only covering the mainstream series. Arcana Hearts is an oddball niche game that has an almost exclusive cast of female characters, so this is a tough pick to be honest. With Arcana Hearts being a moe kind of game, meaning that it tries to tickle the fancies of anime, let’s say, enthusiasts, whoever the hottest babe in this game is really pretty subjective. I mean, damned subjective.

But as outsiders looking in, we really can’t help but be more smitten by the charming and evil Scharlachrot. With her long red pony tails, affinity for bondage due to her chain weapons and her very revealing assets, we can’t help but say that she’s one of the hotter characters that have come out in recent fighting game history. Though, we seriously still have no idea what’s happening in that game. But we don’t really care.

19. Racheal

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Yet another entry from a very obscure title. Martial Champion was one of those games that tried to capitalize on the popularity of Street Fighter in the 90s. The game was, for the lack of a better term, god-awful. But it was so awful that it’s so good. Kind of like watching B-movies because you revel in the badness of it all.

Fortunately, there are some things in Martial Champion that redeem it, however only slightly. Racheal is one of those qualities because she’s just hot af. Like, god damn! Look at that bod! There are other female characters in this game that deserve attention too, but we can’t help but have our eyes more on Racheal. If they ever made a sequel for this in these modern esports times, I’d be the first one in line to support the game. I, too, want more thrilling action, Racheal.

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