CD Key Spotlight: Top 5 Worst PC Ports

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I’ve personally spent THOUSANDS of dollars on my rig throughout the years and I’m proud at my own tech savvy. I based my rig on my own personal preferences in gaming as to what it can and can’t do. So, as you can imagine, it’s very easy for me to get very angry at developers who think too little about the PC Master Race. I sure do like spending thousands of dollars on a game locked at 30 fps! It’s very clear that PC gamers are 2nd class citizens in the industry, but there are certain game ports out there that are just downright insulting. Like someone spit in your soup. Down below is our list of worst PC Ports in recent gaming history.

CD Keys: The Games

5. Dark Souls

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Speaking of horrendous framerates and low resolution, Dark Souls committed the Cardinal sin of the game being locked at 30fps AND the maximum of 720p. Double Whammy! On console, the game looks fantastic, but on a rig like mine and many other PC enthusiasts, the game looked like utter tripe. But the kicker? GFWL. Oh, god, no.

4. Borderlands

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Borderlands 2 on PC was GOLD. Like, CD Key precious GOLD! But before that, we had Borderlands 1. There was nothing wrong with the core game, but the controls weren’t at all ported quite nicely for a keyboard and mouse format. So if you didn’t have a gamepad, chances are, the hardest bosses you encountered in that game were the disagreeable menus.

3. Saints Row 2

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Considered by many as the highest benchmark in bad PC ports, Saints Row 2 suffered from frame rate issues that could not at all be fixed by the in-game settings. The core game was fine, but the random speeding up and down of the game, along with the god awful controls, plus the random crashing made this game one big ordeal. T

2. Watchdogs

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Oh, Watchdogs; how I wanted thee to succeed. Despite how awful the actual game was, it was only made worse with the extremely bad port it had on PC. Again, like many others, frame rate issues plagued the game like a looming death omen. The amazing graphics first seen in E3 were nowhere to be found and high-end PC rigs, once again, fell into disuse due to the craptastic engine Watchdogs really had. If I had to list all the other things that went wrong here, I’d have a 5 million word article. I’ll save us both some time and stop here.

1. Batman: Arkham Knight

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Seriously, you already know what’s wrong with this game. Nothing to say here.

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