CD Keys: Paladins an Overwatch Clone? Part 1


Dunkey, one of my favorite Youtube gamers, came out with a video a while back noting the sordid similarities between Overwatch and Paladins, a team-based first person shooter that is in the same tradition of Team Fortress 2 and, of course, Overwatch. Due to the popularity and massiveness of Overwatch, one can’t help but agree with the very sarcastic and ironic points that Dunkey makes in the video below:

CD Keys: Is Paladins an Overwatch Clone?

Is it worth getting Paladins cd keys over Overwatch cd keys despite the former looking like an obscene clone? Frankly, in my opinion, anything is a “clone” of any game made earlier in time in any genre. King of Fighters is a clone of Street Fighter, Devil May Cry is a clone of God of War, FFXIV is a clone of WoW, and so on and so forth. The list would just go on and on, but I’m sure many of you would find it unfair to compare such games in this way because each can stand on its own.

Paladins is the same. The only reason it’s getting this sort of criticism is due in part of Overwatch being released first, despite Paladins being in development way before any announcement on the development of Overwatch, and partially due to the stellar marketing campaign that Blizzard executed for their newest IP in 17 long years.


While there are some character where I cry foul with Paladins, like that turtle hero that works exactly like Roadhog (Chain then shotgun? That’s too specific of a combo to NOT be copied from Overwatch), the hero abilities that are supposedly copied from Overwatch aren’t exactly original in Overwatch either. Comparing Barik to Torbjorn is like comparing every male anime protagonist in most modern animes. They aren’t all exactly unique from one another, but you certainly can’t say they ripped each other off. It’s more of the shitty archetype that people have come to accept when thinking about the standard male protagonist trope in anime. It’s the same way with Barik and Torbjorn. Imagine the train of thought: Turrets to engineers, engineers are smart, dwarf-like characters are usually engineers, let’s make a dwarfish engineer that makes turrets and shoots molten lead from his gun because that’s his shtick and needs the lead to craft his own turret materials on the go. Yeah, it’s that diminutive. This isn’t exactly a unique idea.

And, come now, Viktor the Soldier, whom Dunkey coyly refers to as Soldier 87, is the CoD character in the game aimed to be a dead simple to pick up, much like Soldier 76 in Overwatch. Sprinting and an assault rifle are two super basic things you can find in any shooter, modern or otherwise.


Continued in the next part.


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