CD Keys Spotlight: Until Dawn

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Ever scream at a horror movie like Friday the 13th or Halloween because some of the protagonists are clear idiots? Ever watch any other protagonist check out some creepy noise alone and you’re screaming at the back of your mind for him not to check it out? Ever think that you’re smarter than any of those main characters? Well, here’s your chance.

cd keys, cdkeys, cdkey, until dawn

Until Dawn¬†is an interactive drama survival-horror game developed by Supermassive games that thrusts players into the shoes of a group of college kids that aim to survive a “cabin in the woods” setting. It’s different from our usual CD Keys spotlight due to its playstyle of interactivity that isn’t too common in the mainstream as of late.

Taking place in the stereotypical abandoned and reclusive mountaintop, the large cabin estate of a rich friend is the refuge you and your friends will take as you have a vacation for a few days. Crap hits the fan once you all realize that there is a killer taking you all down one at a time. It’s up to you, the player, to guide these hapless kids and push them in the right direction in order to survive or fall victim to the perils of the snowy mountaintop.

Until Dawn CDKeys Gameplay

Until dawn consists mainly of quick time events (QTEs), a bit of exploration and lots and lots of decision-making. It doesn’t take new leaps and bounds when compared against its predecessors like Heavy Rain, but it does polish the aspect of the Butterfly Effect to an extreme degree, making even the slightest difference in one playthrough to thoroughly affect the outcome of a later sequence. As simple as hitting a bird with a snowball can have dire consequences on one of the cabin members in the game.

Other than that, the drop-dead gorgeous graphics of Until Dawn is almost unparalleled with its realism, making use of stat-of-the-art motion capture animation to truly make the characters feel alive. Facial expressions, body gestures, and ruffles in clothes are so clearly defined that it can be surprising for someone to drop in on you playing the game and mistaking it for an actual Hollywood movie.

The developers played with a lot of psychological themes here that will shock and bemuse you. The characters, most importantly, have their own unique quirks and attitudes that players will have to get to know when interacting with them. One wrong decision could lead to such catastrophic failures.

Is Buying an Until Dawn CDKey Worth it?

You should totally get Until Dawn because it’s one of the more interesting titles of 2015. It’s got great action, a great plot, and an amazing twist with tons of replay value to boot. Buy some¬†damn CD Keys. Buy it here. Buy it quick.

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