CD Keys Spotlight: Why Overwatch Overshadowed Battleborn

The short answer? It’s Blizzard with Activision-funded marketing. The long answer? It’s the Heroes that made all the damned difference.

People have been arguing left and right that Overwatch and Battleborn shouldn’t even be compared because they are two drastically different games. The only real similarities between them is that they are both shooters and, essentially, are based around the age-old genre of shoot-things-until-they-die-in-the-first-person. FPS; that’s about it.

And I agree with this notion; Overwatch and Battleborn are two very different games yet the former has virtually, but unknowingly, destroyed the latter.

CD Keys: It’s all about the Cast

Let’s pretend for a second that these two games really are incomparable to one another and that any inhibitions or hatred you have for either title simply do not exist because they are really both great games.

How, then, did Overwatch manage to kill Battleborn? As it was said above in the long answer, it’s the cast of heroes that put Overwatch in the spotlight more. Being released barely a month apart, Tracer and the rest of the Overwatch crew managed to capture the imaginations and fancy of most of the world more than Battleborn could ever hope to do so with their ragtag group of unknowns.

You can tell what I mean by looking at the box art alone:

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Overwatch focuses on the individual awesomeness (and her extreme hotness) in order to present what Overwatch actually is. It’s simple, direct, and not at all hard to understand. While when you look at Battleborn’s CD Keys box art, it shows a mishmash of would-be heroes that seem to just randomly blink in and out of significance for the whole game. It’s a disorganized mess that people can’t seem to get behind on.

I’m not saying that Battleborn’s characters aren’t interesting or unique; in fact, they can be a bit too unique at times, but that’s just it; the characters in Battleborn aren’t instantly attractive to the common gamer. Unlike Overwatch that are just so direct in their marketing of the amazing individuality of each character, coupled with art, animated shorts, and all such media, the Pixar-ish artstyle of the heroes of Overwatch closes the deal.

Battleborn was trying to be too unique for its own good and created a bunch of characters, while awesome in their own right, are the kind of characters you have to get to know first before you fall in love with them. Hopefully, Gearbox will learn from their mistakes and make it right for Borderlands 3. Now THAT’S a game that is worth looking forward to from that company. Gimme my CD keys!

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