CSGO Skins: A Quick AK-47 Guide

It’s cheap and it’s powerful, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise why terrorists – both in the game and real life –have the AK-47 as their favorite weapon. And according to a lot of real-life gun experts, the AK-47 is also easy to use (provided you have gun training). Is that also the case in the game? Well, at first glance it seems like it, but it’s actually not. Thankfully, here are some tips on how to use an AK-47 in the game, whether it has CSGO skins or not.

The reason why the AK-47 is the most-used assault rifle by pros (yes, even by CTs, as they trade their M4s for it whenever they find dropped by terrorists) is because of its power – both raw and stopping power. The problem with this weapon, however, is its great recoil that can cause you to miss. Therefore, it’s important to apply the proper firing techniques for this weapon.


First there is tapping. This technique is best used to deal with enemies from a distance, by players who are sure of their aim, or by players who don’t want the weapon’s recoil to kick in. For those who use this technique for distant enemies, it’s important to aim (or even pre-aim/predict where the enemy’s head will be) at the head. And for those who are just using it for accuracy or recoil suppression, make sure that the hits land, or else they’ll be able to fire back with their gun with CSGO skins and kill you.

CSGO Skins: Bursting and Spraying

Then there’s bursting. The middle ground between tapping and outright spraying, this technique, which involves limiting gunfire to 2-4 shots, is best used for engaging in mid-ranged and heated firefights.

It’s a good method, but do note that only be the first two shots will be accurate; the rest won’t, so it’s important to “controlling” the recoil a little by following the GIF posted below, in order to ensure that the shots land.


But of course, you won’t have to follow it all the way through, since you’ll only be firing a few shots anyway.

Last but definitely not least is spraying, which is best used for enemies that are close by. And contrary to its name, it isn’t just about holding down the left mouse button, but also by completely “controlling” the recoil. It takes a lot of practice, but once you got it nailed, you can be confident of your skills.

Now that you know the secret behind this deceptively simple rifle, it can now help you in your matches. As for how to use a real life AK-47, well, that’s for another time.

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