Locating Traps in Using your Clash of Clans Account

You’ve trained your troops, Heroes are ready and you spend a small fortune for Spells in your Clash of Clans Account. You’re ready for the attack and search yourself a nice base with filled storages you want to attack. Everything is good, you’re sure you can win this attack when suddenly your troops run into traps and get weaker and weaker by every moment passing by. That’s not what you expected. Traps can make attacks go horribly wrong and in this post I want to show you how you can at least spot some traps and be prepared.

clash of clans account traps

Spotting Traps with your Clash of Clans Account

The ugly thing about traps from the attacker perspective is, you don’t see them. You can only assume that there are some and maybe where they are to be expected. I took myself on a journey a while back and tried to develop a technique I can automatically use to predict where to expect traps – and how to prevent them ruining the attack.

  • Recognize obvious Trap setups
  • Use that knowledge to NOT be hit by the Trap(s) in full power
  • Decide if you’re able to attack that base with those Traps

Before I will show you the setups, I want to give you one very important rule. Sometimes it’s ok to not attack a base when Traps will probably blast your attack.

Expects the worst but hope for the best; never attack in the hope that you might be wrong or the trap is maybe not armed. That’s Russian roulette! If you spot a setup that probably shows you that a trap is there and you have no possibility to unarm that trap cheap, don’t attack. Even if you’re right in 7 out of 10 cases, you’ll lose 3 attacks; even worst. You actually knew before that you don’t win, but you attacked anyway.

Clash of Clans Troops and Trap Locations

In attacking using your Clash of Clans Troops always remember that everything you can’t see can be harmful to you. Never catch yourself off guard. The troops you are using are very vulnerable to traps especially on spring traps and giant bombs.

Knowing the knowledge of their common location is a great advantage since you will know where to start an attack.


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