Overwatch Account: Halloween Event

Overwatch, Overwatch Accounts, Overwatch Account, Blizzard

Blizzard never fails to keep Overwatch Account owners feel excited about something. As the Halloween season is fast approaching, Blizzard decided to celebrate with dressing the different characters of Overwatch with Halloween costumes. I know you are excited because I definitely am!

Overwatch Account: Halloween Goodies

The Overwatch Halloween Event started October 11, 2016 and lasts up until November 1, 2016. Players can get these Halloween costumes of their favorite characters through Halloween loot boxes by playing during the event. Free loot boxes are acquired by leveling up during the timeframe. Of course, everything will drop randomly. Players can choose which specific costumes to get by saving up enough coins to buy them. Be informed though, these super nice Halloween skins are three times the price of a legendary skin. So hopefully players did save some in-game coins to buy at least one for their main character.

Here are two of my most used characters’ new Halloween skins

Overwatch, Overwatch Accounts, Overwatch Account, Blizzard

Overwatch, Overwatch Accounts, Overwatch Account, Blizzard

Like the Summer Games Event, special Halloween loot boxes guarantee one event item. Look at its amazing design:

Overwatch, Overwatch Accounts, Overwatch Account, Blizzard

The Halloween Event does not only include awesome skins. Cool highlight intros and new emotes are included as well. Here is my favorite among them:

New event means new brawl mode. Overwatch Accounts owners can enjoy a Left 4 Dead slash Tower Defense type of Brawl this Halloween season. It will be called Junkenstein’s Revenge. Waves and waves of A.I. mobs are to be eliminated. This season’s brawl is a coop rather than the usual player versus player which is a first. It is pretty exciting! Ana, McCree, Hanzo and Soldier 76 will be the only characters playable in this mode. Rejoice to those who main these as they will have an easier time clearing the Junkenstein’s Revenge.

So, are you excited about this Halloween Event by Blizzard for Overwatch? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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