Pokemon Go Powerleveling: Evolving Pokemon

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Whenever you caught a Pokemon always keep it just for a period of time since evolving is one of the essential of this game. In evolving Pokemon you need a specified Pokemon candy so you can evolve the Pokemon you wanted. Now here are the things that you need to know in evolving Pokemon.

Game Spotlight, Games, Niantic, Pokemon Go, Pokemon Go Account, Pokemon Go Accounts, Pokemon Go Powerleveling, Tips

CP and Skills in Pokemon Go Powerleveling

There are times that we catch Pokemon with High CP together with high skill damage. But there are times that we catch Pokemon with high CP but with weak skill damage. Here are the things you need to watch out in order to get your best Pokemon.

  • Pokemon with Evolve must start on High CP level – which means that if you own a Pidgey with 500 CP above it is a great start to evolve this Pokemon, if you evolve your Pidgey into a Pidgeotto the CP will increase dramatically. Since Pidgeotto is not the final evolve of this Pokemon, disregard the Special skill that this Pokemon have. If you evolve your Pidgeotto into Pidgeot the CP will increase again and the skill that this Pokemon will get will now matter.

Pokemons without further evolve is easier to manage since all you have to hunt for now is the Skill and a high CP. If you found a decent Pokemon with a great skill and other stats all you have to do now is hunt more candies and power up your Pokemon.

Battling your Pokemon into Gyms and Pokemon Go Powerleveling

I’ve noticed that in order to fight Pokemons in Gym, you need to level on their CP to stand a chance in winning the gym. Combat power’s use is to determine if you can fight the Pokemon in a specified gym. If your Pokemon has lower CP versus the Pokemon in the gym, you might lose this battle.

Your skill damage represents itself, your DPS will be your main weapon to defeat the Pokemon assigned on the gym.

Both the CP and skill damage is very important since these attributes will determine your capability in fighting the Pokemon inside the Gym.

In case that you’re having problems collecting and getting the right IV for your Pokemons, you can check out this marketplace where Pokemon Go Powerleveling is offered for players who doesn’t have the time in playing too much.

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