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SWTOR Credits, SWTOR Credit, SWTOR, Star Wars The Old Republic

One thing I am completely confident about playing Star Wars: The Old Republic is that, I know the support team behind the game will respond fast. Yeah, I don’t know if that’s something Bioware, EA or whoever is responsible in responding to players’ tickets, is proud of. Like lost SWTOR Credits ticket, they respond quickly to that.

SWTOR Credits for the Support Team

I remember when I was new to SWTOR and I just reached max level, I had this stupid mistake of buying two earpieces from an NPC. Yeah, stupid of me because a character only has one slot for earpiece and two for implants. Yeah, I confused the two. Stupid of me right? Anyways, I reported it through a ticket since way back then, earning comms was hard. Fortunately, the support responded within hours! I was surprised really. I had this stigma of MMORPG supports don’t respond quickly.

How about this recent bug in SWTOR that was recently posted by AvengerMKII:

I have been playing SWTOR for a couple of months now and completed the Trooper Storyline but there’s a problem.

When I logged in, there’s no indication that I got the achievement even though I finished the Trooper story (Pretty disappointed by the ending but whatever) and I just finished completing the Crystal Ball quest that led me to a flashpoint.

I submitted a ticket and I’m just waiting now. I also looked this problem up and apparently it’s been going on for some time now, especially people who worked for the Legendary status.

Will the ticket submission fix my problem or will this bug continue to persist?

SWTOR Credits, SWTOR Credit, SWTOR, Star Wars The Old Republic

If the level of service from the support team of SWTOR didn’t deteriorate like that of four years ago, then yes, it will be fixed soon. Sooner than you know it actually. That is one of the reasons why I don’t complain on subscribing monthly because it helps maintain the quality of service from the support. If only I can reward them with my SWTOR credit, I would.

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