Titanfall 2 CD Key

Titanfall 2 is the sequel to Titanfall (totally unrelated to the ‘Attack on Titan’ anime). Fans of the first game should definitely get a CD key for this sequel. It is a first person shooter with a little parkour and stealth elements. Pilots, the player characters, can run, jump, climb walls (assisted by jump kits), and use zip-lines. By stringing these actions together, the pilot can move from point to point efficiently. They added new mechanics including holograms that could confuse enemies and the use of a grappling hook. Pilots now have the ability to slide, and the pulse blade, […]

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Find Fallout 4 CD Keys Cheap

Bethesda’s latest installment of the Fallout series, Fallout 4, is their most ambitious yet. With its top-of-the-line graphics and a brand new wasteland to explore, this may be the best Fallout yet. I can’t wait to buy CD keys or physical copy of it. What’s New in Fallout 4? The days of repairing weapons and armors are long gone. Equipment no longer has any durability for you to mind, so you can keep using that pistol you found early in the game until the end. However, leaving that gun in its base state would be boring. You now can modify […]

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Sell BnS Gold: What People Expected From Blade and Soul

Blade and Soul, BnS gold, Sell BnS Gold, korean MMO, RNG boxes

Blade and Soul is an OK game in my book. It’s got amazing combat, a decent (but barebones) story, amazing graphics, and a complex progression system. But, of course, it’s mired by tons and tons of problems that a technically 5 year old game should not have. A lot of folks expected the alleged “polish” that the Korean Blade and Soul has to be ported and treated in exactly the same way in the west. Unfortunately, this isn’t at all the case. While I could expound on the what’s and why’s of Blade and Soul’s failings in the west under […]

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CD Keys Spotlight: Overwatch – Lore and Animations

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Yeah, you know we’d head here eventually. But, by now, you all probably know that Overwatch offers the Team Fortress 2 experience with bewbs and waifus. However, that’s not a fair thing to say as it offers an entirely unique experience of FPS Multiplayer Online Battle Arena or, as most of you keep denying, a MOBA. Overwatch counts as a MOBA; deal with it. CD Keys: Seriously, Watch Overwatch Other than being stupidly fun and Esports-worthy, Overwatch offers a rich and amazing lore that Blizzard developed. We all know what Blizzard is capable of in terms of immersion and lore […]

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