Redeem Code Continuation: Overwatch Buffs and Nerfs

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Here’s a full breakdown of the significant changes done for the current roster of Overwatch’s heroes. Note that many of these can be subject to change before the public version of this patch goes live, but you can expect it to lean in this same direction for these heroes. This is definitely the $60 for the Overwatch redeem code. For a video recap of the changes along with some minor impressions of the new character, Ana Amari, check out part 1 right here. The Redeem Code Rundown: D.Va D.Va isn’t being selected as often as our other tanks, and we […]

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CD Keys Spotlight: Overwatch’s New Character and Balancing

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It’s been a crazy past few days for Overwatch with the recent development on PTR. Hold on to your CD Keys because Ana Amari, Aka. Granny, mother of our beloved Justice-raining babe, Pharah, has been revealed and is playable in the Public Test Region. But that’s not all! It’s an exciting time for Overwatch game keys owners as we are also seeing a lot of balance changes with the already existing heroes. There are a ton of them, but the most significant and prevalent are those heroes that have the possibility of affecting the meta of pro play. Specifically, D.Va, Zenyatta, […]

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