The Best Time to Look for Clans Wars with Clash of Clans Account

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Your Clan War starts when you start the matchmaking – but because all Clans all over the world are matched within one single pool, you will see different results depending what time you start your Clan War.

Most casual Clans go to war one or two times a week – and almost all of them tend to go to war on the weekend because that’s the time when most their members are active and want to go to war. I also noticed that most Battle Days are fought on Sundays, so you should go to war on the weekend and with the Preparation Day in mind you’ll see Friday to be the best day to go to war by starting the matchmaking using your Clash of Clans Account.

clash of clans account clan war times

Knowing your Clan’s Needs in Clash of Clans Account

The first step getting the best time possible knows your Clan, better said know your clan member. Are they:

  • From one country/time zone and have a similar biological rhythm?
  • Are most of them working and tend to be online more in the (late) evenings?
  • Are they younger and also are active during the afternoon?

I can’t tell you what kind of members you have, but I think you know your own Clan best. Either you know what time you see the biggest activity in the clan chat or with reinforcement requests/donations or you simply ask around a couple of times what time your members tend to play most. In most cases it will be the evenings, but in some clans it’s different.

It’s always important to have lots of members active when the war starts to get a strong start and in the end to have a nice finishing.

Times to Avoid with your Clash of Clans Troops

I’m not being a racist but it’s better to avoid Asian clans, especially the Chinese Clans tend to be very hard to beat. It’s actually a compliment to them – but avoiding them is easier for you in order to win Clan Wars. Now it depends on what time zone you live and it’s good to have a time when the majority of the Chinese players sleep (let’s say that’s around 12 pm to 7 am in their time zone). That means for you, if you’re living

  • in Middle and North America, that’s 1PM-8PM
  • in South America 12AM-7PM
  • in Central Europe 5PM-2AM
  • in Eastern Europe 3PM-12PM
  • Central Asia and the Middle East 9PM-4AM
  • Australia 3AM-10AM

Those are the time frames you should prefer to start the matchmaking with your Clash of Clans Troops. You see that for most regions you have a good chance to avoid Chinese Clans when you start your Clan War in the evenings.

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