Youtuber gives away his advanced clash of clans account


Last Christmas, amateur gamer-Youtuber MasterMaluHD held a massive special giveaway of his clash of clans account, as an act of giving back and token of appreciation to his fans when he was about to reach 100 subscribers on Youtube. He was going to get a new account soon, and since the holidays were nearing, he thought it would be timely to hold a competition to give away his old coc account (named “azermazer 2.0”) – complete with a more in-depth townhall level 10 base, upgraded troops and defense, and 198 war stars won, as he boasted on his Youtube channel back then. It would be the perfect giveaway for the beginner Clash of Clans player looking to keep up and gain a head start over his/her peers in the game. He emphasized that his old account was an offensive type of account and that he was planning to focus on a defensive type with his new account.



Steps on the competition for his clash of clans account

All the players had to do was follow two simple easy steps: First, the players had to subscribe to MasterMaluHD’s channel to even be eligible to join the contest. Second, they had to answer this particular question MasterMaluHD came up with – “If Clash of Clans ended tomorrow, what would you do?” – to which MasterMaluHD said he was interested in reading the players’ answers in the comments section. “Me, personally, I’m probably going to shoot myself.” MasterMaluHD said jokingly as his answer to his own question. He also gave the players the option to send their answers via Facebook or Twitter inbox. Spamming, or putting in too many answers, was naturally stressed to be prohibited and automatically subject to disqualification.


Will MasterMaluHD give away his clash of clans account this Christmas too?

Coincidentally, it’s nearing Christmas again, so the question now is: Will MasterMaluHD hold another Christmas giveaway for his coc account? It would be cool if he did, so his fans wouldn’t need to buy clash of clans account if they want an advanced account for this holiday season. Will he do it again this year? Only time will tell. Stay tuned to his channel to find out, which now has 47k subscribers.

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