Buy CD Keys for Dishonored 2!

After four long years of waiting, the sequel to Dishonored was finally released. Set fifteen years after the first game, you set out as either Corvo or Emily on a quest to take back what is theirs. Stealth! Murder! Everything you’ve come to expect from a Dishonored game, packaged in a shiny new engine and improved gameplay. What are you waiting for? Buy CD keys for Dishonored 2 now!

Improved graphics, Improved gameplay, Improved Everything!

This time, they used a new graphics engine, ‘Void’, instead of the Unreal Engine 3 they used for Dishonored.  This resulted in graphics so good, it looks like a moving painting. It is very evident in the console versions of the game, considering the PC could lower the settings of the game. That was the intent of the developers anyway, so kudos to them for achieving it.

Gameplay-wise, it’s the same but different. They introduced new mechanics on old systems, creating a dynamic gameplay better than its predecessor’s. They expanded on Corvo’s Outsider abilities, giving old skills new twists. Emily’s abilities are all new and very different though. Far Reach replaces Blink. They function mainly the same, except Far Reach can let Emily pick up objects and enemies from far away. Her other abilities include Domino, Doppelganger, Mesmerize, and Shadow Walk.

The developers also added new mechanics during missions. They realized players were either killing or sparing NPCs depending on what the heart says about them, so they made it into a game mechanic. Some NPCs are randomly assigned as either sympathetic, guilty or murderous, and killing sympathetic characters generates more chaos than killing a murderous one. They also introduced dust storms which you can use to your advantage.

I can’t wait to play this game.

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