Destiny Key: DrLupo the Lighthouse Sherpa

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Considering the state of the game and the reputation it has gained through its existence since launch, Destiny isn’t exactly one of those games that’s on everybody’s mind right now. But Destiny does have one of the best, if not the best, communities in online gaming history with its tightly knit groups that are willing to help anybody out at the drop of a hat. Frankly, the community can be so nice that it pretty much should be the sole reason anybody goes on to get a Destiny key. The greatest example of awesomeness in Destiny’s community comes by the name […]

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Overwatch Account: Is Overwatch a Fighting Game?

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Overwatch is, as we all know, a team-based shooter with lots of unique characters. However, despite the simplicity of the goal of a first person shooter, Overwatch seems to stand out from the rest past its uniqueness in being objectives-based, unique heroes, rock-paper-scissor gameplay, and the tons of creative ways to destroy people. Surely, having an Overwatch account isn’t too uncommon now due to the sheer number of people playing it and the perceived ease of it for casual gamers. If it’s been bugging you at the back of your mind, you’re not alone; some folks think Overwatch is a […]

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CD Keys E-Sports: TNC Wins Against All Odds

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Hope you didn’t bet away your Dota 2 CD keys and game keys for OG to win The International because there’s some bad news you might want to hear. TNC, an underdog Filipino team and the only SEA representative still alive and kicking in The International, has just defeated the tournament’s most favored team, OG, Overpowered Gorillas, in a stunning 2-0 streak. TNC is, to be completely honest, just a no-name team from the Philippines that happened to show that anyone can beat the best so long as you put in a lot of hard work, dedication, and a bit […]

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Overwatch Account News: TBS to Air Overwatch Open

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Hold on to your Overwatch account as this game is getting bigger and bigger with each passing day. It’s not surprising to find out that the Overwatch Open, hosted by Eleague, is going to be aired on television by TBS. This is because Eleague is a subsidiary of Turner Broadcasting which is just TBS entirely. What’s surprising about this is that Overwatch really is picking up a lot of momentum in the e-sports scene as it is surpassing the threshold of acceptance in the industry by being taken much more seriously, much more quickly. Considering that TBS also aired the […]

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CD Keys Spotlight: Overwatch’s Sounds of Death – Ultimates

With Overwatch storming the PC CD keys industry, millions of players have been going at it with quick play matches and competitive plays all over the world. While one might think that everybody’s caught up with what’s what in Overwatch, there are still tons of new blood entering the game and boning up on the basics. The Sounds of Death video is an awesome vid to watch and see what to look out for in Overwatch. What, exactly, do newbies have to look out for? Only the most important death-prevention possible: The sound of an ultimate activating. Let’s watch! CD Keys: […]

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CD Keys: Overwatch’s Competitive Mode is Here!

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Competitive mode! This is THE feature we’ve all been waiting for since many of us got our launch CD Keys! It was quite unfortunate that it was not available at launch for many feared it would hamper Overwatch being taken seriously. But, apparently, it wasn’t the case and was just something people looked forward to even more in a game as fun and fantastic as Overwatch. The current build is out now on PC with the console versions still soon to come. CD Keys: What is Competitive Mode like? For the most part, it’ll still feel like the Overwatch we all […]

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CD Keys: Overwatch and Avoid this Player!

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The Public Test Region (PTR) has recently been made available for Overwatch players in true Blizzard fashion. There, one can find the latest planned patch already up for testing before they apply it to the main core game. While the addition of the competitive mode is exciting, the next major patch has little else other than the run-of-the-mill, quality of life bug fixes like Torbjorn no longer being able to collect scrap while dead or adding in more social options at the start or end of a game. Certainly run-of-the-mill CD Keys balance. But what really got my attention was […]

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Redeem Code Esports: Overwatch Nerfs and New Hero Rumors

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Overwatch has taken the gaming world by storm and still has a phenomenal running in the 3 weeks it’s been out with Overwatch redeem code being bought left and right. At about 7 million players, this FPS MOBA is doing phenomenally well. With no sign of decline, Blizzard is taking good care of its IP by already informing the public of incoming balancing in the future. For starters, it’s already been stated by Blizzard that McCree is going to take a hit on the nerfing list due to his Fan the Hammer just being too strong. It’s strong enough to kill […]

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CD Keys Spotlight: Things To Know in an Overwatch Game P1

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Since Overwatch has been released, the mad hype surrounding it only got madder as players breeze through match after match. CD Keys for Overwatch have been flying left and right, leaving many suppliers unable to stock their wares to meet the demand. Heck, even Blizzard’s having a hard time keeping up with it too. The game is damned fun and can only get better, especially considering its amazing esports potential. Overwatch has a great approach and relatively shallow learning curve, so it’s easy to pick up on how things work. Folks who are used to the concept of PvP in […]

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CD Keys Review: Overwatch from the POV of an FPS Hater Part 1

Let me get this straight: I HATE first person shooters. Inb4 “lol u prolly bad at them.” No. Just no. The last time I played competitively in a shooter was back in Call of Duty 3 when, you know, the series didn’t suck yet and was still grounded in the realism and significance of World War II. But once modern warfare came out and the rest of the sci-fi crap, I just really had to bow out of shooters entirely considering they were all pretty much the same. How? Well, you press left click a lot of time or hold […]

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