BnS Gold: Blade and Soul – Is it Getting Stale?

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A recent redditor has finally said what many of us have been thinking about Blade and Soul: It’s getting pretty damned boring. Granted, it’s not the most awful game and is actually far from such a status. But the Asian MMO culture that Blade and Soul hosts at its core is finally getting to people. The grind, the redundancy, the work (for farming BnS gold), and the cash shop are all certainly elements that work in cohesion that can tire out the average western MMO gamer. BnS Gold: Blade and Soul is Still Undeniably Amazing Like all good things, too much of […]

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Blade and Soul Gold Video Guide!

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It doesn’t matter what patch or version you find yourself in when playing Blade and Soul; you always have a need for lots of Blade and Soul gold. Not only does this help with progression and vanity, but it prepares you for whatever expenses may be required in the future. Unfortunately, it isn’t exactly easy to farm for said Blade and Soul gold unless you find one willing to sell Blade and Soul gold for a reasonable price, but that would also be difficult considering the number of scammers out there. Fortunately, however, there are a couple of gold making […]

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Blade and Soul Gold: The Problem With SSP

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SSP can be just absolutely unbearable at times due to the lack of people in the game opting for world PvP. Unfortunately, you can’t at all get BiS (Best in slot) gear if you don’t do SSP and you certainly can’t make tons of Blade and Soul gold just letting those dailies slide. This is a problem for many MMOs that are especially dependent on activities that provide so much character progression that are open world PvP-related. We’re not the only people concerned with this issue in Blade and Soul; a lot of folks are already complaining about it in-game, […]

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BnS Gold: NCSoft Announces Blade & Soul: Hongmoon Rising

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Imagine that! We’re getting Blade and Soul on our mobiles! NCSoft has recently announced a prequel game for the Blade and Soul MMO in the form of Hongmoon Rising. The new game will be co-developed by NCsoft and Tencent and for both PC and mobile platforms and, as some say, VR support is being considered for its future. As to how that will work, we’ve not a clue, but it certainly is quite exciting! Blade and Soul: Hongmoon Rising will feature the cast of characters players have encountered in the Blade and Soul MMO including the villainous Jinsoyun. This game will […]

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Blade and Soul Gold: Linked Servers

It seems that the population drop of Blade and Soul is finally taking its toll. NCSoft has finally made it possible to play with folks on different servers, albeit on a limited level, and certainly not like those found in World of Warcraft. Hold onto your Blade and Soul gold, you may need it in the days to come. Blade and Soul Gold: The Linked Servers From NCSoft: The last few months have been exciting for Blade & Soul and have included tons of new content, new classes, new game mechanics, and a lot more. We’re continuing to work toward our […]

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Blade and Soul Gold: Good GM, Rogue GMs

GMs, or game moderators, play an important in any MMO; such a case is very much true in Blade and Soul. Without them, there would be no one to police player behavior, so just imagine how chaotic a game world like that would be. But what if the GM’s are the ones who are engaging in rather questionable behavior, generating items and Blade and Soul gold for other players, and the like? Well, that’s no longer a question of if, as it had already happened. A few weeks back, Community Manager Rukkirii received a report that there were items that […]

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BnS Gold: Tips for Returning Players

A lot of folks tend to take breaks when it comes to MMOs and Blade and Soul is no exception. It’s especially more true in BnS due to the extreme content updates that can tire out even the most hardcore of MMO gamers. But it also becomes a problem, when a player does decide to return, to catch up with the new content and get up to speed with the other top tier BnS players. Having a ton of BnS gold saved up for future endeavors will help, but for those who didn’t have the business savvy or farming endurance […]

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Sell BnS Gold: What People Expected From Blade and Soul

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Blade and Soul is an OK game in my book. It’s got amazing combat, a decent (but barebones) story, amazing graphics, and a complex progression system. But, of course, it’s mired by tons and tons of problems that a technically 5 year old game should not have. A lot of folks expected the alleged “polish” that the Korean Blade and Soul has to be ported and treated in exactly the same way in the west. Unfortunately, this isn’t at all the case. While I could expound on the what’s and why’s of Blade and Soul’s failings in the west under […]

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Blade and Soul Account: Bugs and Crashes

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Blade and Soul is not an optimized game. That’s probably the nicest way I can ever say that because that, by itself, is a complete understatement. Many already know of BnS’ unwieldy load times, frame drops, inherent server lag, and abundance in crashing in many instances, sometimes even making the game obscenely unplayable. You can even see with the gif above as to what most players mean when they say the game isn’t optimized. Guess what? You lose your credit, prestige and other things when you happen to “logout” during these kinds of PvP/PvE encounters like Soulstone Plains. So fighting that […]

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Blade and Soul Gold: More Melee Quitting

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You’ve got to understand that being Melee in Blade and Soul or pretty much any game for that matter can be a very trying experience. From Everquest to WoW, it’s always been the biggest challenge to take on end game content as a melee DPS due to the inherent tendency of most developers to make it as hard as possible to stick close to bosses. It gets even harder for folks that decided to get Blade and Soul Power leveling, botting, using Blade and Soul gold to get carried, or hacking because they don’t at all get prepared for how […]

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