Sell BnS Gold: What People Expected From Blade and Soul

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Blade and Soul is an OK game in my book. It’s got amazing combat, a decent (but barebones) story, amazing graphics, and a complex progression system. But, of course, it’s mired by tons and tons of problems that a technically 5 year old game should not have. A lot of folks expected the alleged “polish” that the Korean Blade and Soul has to be ported and treated in exactly the same way in the west. Unfortunately, this isn’t at all the case. While I could expound on the what’s and why’s of Blade and Soul’s failings in the west under […]

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Blade and Soul Account: Bugs and Crashes

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Blade and Soul is not an optimized game. That’s probably the nicest way I can ever say that because that, by itself, is a complete understatement. Many already know of BnS’ unwieldy load times, frame drops, inherent server lag, and abundance in crashing in many instances, sometimes even making the game obscenely unplayable. You can even see with the gif above as to what most players mean when they say the game isn’t optimized. Guess what? You lose your credit, prestige and other things when you happen to “logout” during these kinds of PvP/PvE encounters like Soulstone Plains. So fighting that […]

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Blade and Soul Gold: More Melee Quitting

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You’ve got to understand that being Melee in Blade and Soul or pretty much any game for that matter can be a very trying experience. From Everquest to WoW, it’s always been the biggest challenge to take on end game content as a melee DPS due to the inherent tendency of most developers to make it as hard as possible to stick close to bosses. It gets even harder for folks that decided to get Blade and Soul Power leveling, botting, using Blade and Soul gold to get carried, or hacking because they don’t at all get prepared for how […]

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BnS Gold: A Day Without SSP

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Soul Stone Plains dailies are some of the most important dailies in BnS right now. There isn’t an easier and faster way to farm mats for Blade and Soul moonstones provided your faction gets control of SSP in the first place. However, the game’s bot problems have been getting more and more out of hand as the bots have moved on to farming SSP for the bosses and killing opposed-faction NPCs, and, pretty much, just giving everybody in the opposite factions a really bad time. BnS Gold: A Joke of an End Game It’s become such a norm in Blade and […]

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BnS Gold: Gameguard and Hacking

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Sell BnS Gold: Goodguard, Badguard Gameguard! The most useless anti-hacking program since…. err…. since a baseball bat! It’s fairly one of the most useless programs for MMOs ever and all it does is cause tons of problems on your PC. More harm than good, it screws around with a lot of other innocuous 3rd party programs like DXTory, a recording software, and gives buttloads of frame rate issues. Past the game itself, it also tends to eat up more memory than it should just to run, screwing up other programs you may have running in the background of your PC. Not […]

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Guard Your Blade and Soul Gold! BnS is Hackable!

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Sooo, that title might be doomsaying a bit too much, but it is entirely possible and has been possible since Blade and Soul first went live in NA and EU. In fact, I don’t think I’m being a doomsayer at all; Blade and Soul isn’t exactly the shining example of an absolutely secure system. Bots, exploiters, hackers, and shady Blade and Soul gold sellers have frolicked in our midst on every server and in plain freaking site. Sometimes, I tend to be in favor of the angry, hyperbolic rhetoric of the very vocal detractors of the game because of it. […]

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BnS Gold or NCoins? NCSoft’s Billing Issues

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Everybody knows how much the new outfits are in Blade and Soul these days, amounting to a grand total of 2600 NCoins. It might even cost a ton of BnS gold for those that are too cheap to shell out money in real life. It’s a little burn in your pocket, but surely, things like these are subjective from person to person. Folks can do whatever they want with their money, right? But it’s a problem when NCSoft makes it difficult for you just to buy NCoins from their main website. Apparently, a lot of folks have been reporting some […]

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