The Lucio Tweak!

Are you one of those who have Overwatch Accounts that have the highest minutes played with Lucio? If you do, let us assume you are maining Lucio. There are good and bad news on the changes made with him and the Overwatch team is still tweaking him as the changes stay in the PTR. Yup, the much awaited Lucio changes aren’t live yet as Jeff Kaplan and his crew are being very careful not to shake the positioning of heroes in the roster in terms of players’ preferences and hero pick probability. Overwatch Accounts: Boostio   As far as I […]

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More Chances to Get Those Rocket League Items

Rocket League is opening a new competitive mode called ‘Dropshot’. It will be available for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One on March 22, and best of all, it’s for free. In addition to that, this new mode will give you the chance to earn more Rocket League items. What is Dropshot? Dropshot is a mode similar to volleyball. You try to keep the ball from touching the ground on your side. This mode comes with a new stat, Damage, along with the old stats of Goals, Saves, and Assists. Instead of trying to score a goal, your aim is […]

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CD Keys E-Sports: Overwatch World Cup is for Casuals

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Blizzard has announced the inaugural Overwatch World Cup, with proceedings kicking off next week and culminating with finals at Blizzcon 2016 in November. What should be a pretty fun, competitively serious event is muddled down by Blizzard’s incessant need to provide fan-service to their Overwatch cd keys holding fanbase. This is an odd tournament of sorts as I had initially thought that this would be basically “The International” for Overwatch. It turns out that it’s more of a casual tournament due to the strange qualifiers that it will host. CD Keys E-sports: Not the Best Decision First of all, players […]

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Pokemon Go Accounts Patch Notes

It has been over a month now since Pokemon Go’s release date (varying for different countries). As expected, there are some flaws to the games and fortunately, these don’t affect the game that much. With the intense popularity of the game, it is just right to fix these minor bugs quickly to avoid disappointment and they sure did. Here are some of the changes that Pokemon Go Accounts will see when they play. Pokemon Go Accounts Changes The very important addition is the notification when the game detects you are going too fast and assumed playing while driving. Kudos to […]

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Redeem Codes E-Sports: Overwatch Atlantic Showdown Top 8

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The NA and EU qualifiers for ESL’s OVerwatch Atlantic Showdown are finally over and the 4 best teams from NA and the the 4 best from EU will be duking it out in the game’s first ever six-figure tournament held entirely at Gamescom in Germany. August 20 will be the date that we’ll have the first champion team in an event this huge. Remember to watch the event unfold and watch out for Overwatch redeem codes that may possibly be given away during the stream. The action’s not the only thing you’ll love at Gamescom, but the free redeem codes […]

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CD Keys Esports: Overwatch Ana Buff and McCree Nerf

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“BUFF MCCREE” “NERF MCCREE” “BUFF ANA” “I WANT PIZZA” Blizzard listened and Blizzard delivered. Sometimes I’m not really sure if that’s a good thing. McCree’s been up and down in the meta as of late and, hopefully, this will be the last time for him in a very long time. Hold onto your CD keys and game keys and see the changes below: CD Keys: The Overwatch Changes Ana   Biotic Rifle   -Rate of fire increased by 20%   -Magazine size increased from 8 to 10   Developer Comments: While Ana has been very well received, she was showing […]

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CD Keys Esports: Evolution 2016 Results

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Evolution 2016 has come and gone and we’ve crowned a lot of new champions in the biggest Fighting Game event yet. Hosted on ESPN, the top tier fighters from all around the globe competed in Mandalay Bay for FG dominance in every sense of the phrase. Even basketball legends like Bill Walton found the experience enjoyable as EVO 2016 proved to be the biggest FG competition there ever was. Listed below are the top 8 of each major game in EVO. If you missed the action, there are tons of YouTube Videos of the top 8 of each tourney so […]

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Redeem Codes: The Overwatch Atlantic Showdown

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It is without a doubt that Overwatch is one of the most, if not the most, popular games right now. But much of its popularity holds sway on the casual side. Some people don’t even know that there’s already a strong and vibrant competitive scene in Overwatch. The e-sports kind. With a whopping $100k dollar grand prize, the qualifiers for The Overwatch Atlantic Showdown, the biggest Overwatch tourney to date, is well underway, settling up at this year’s Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. If that isn’t a grand prize that makes up for your $40 redeem code for Overwatch, then I don’t […]

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CD Keys Spotlight: Overwatch’s Next Big Hero

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There’s a lot of hubbub about Overwatch’s next hero and fans have speculated that it’s going to be Sombra, one of the founders of Overwatch itself and the mother of the very lovely justice-loving Pharah. Blizzard has lately revealed that all the speculation of her being released is right on the mark as they let out a leaked “confidential” message between Dr. Angela Ziegler (that’s Mercy to you), the turret-loving Torbjorn, along with Jack Morrison (Dad 76) and Gabriel Reyes (Reaper, aka Edgy Dad). The $40 spent on the Overwatch CD keys are definitely worth it if they keep this […]

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CD Keys Spotlight: Dawn of War 3 Revealed

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Holy crap, Dawn of War 3 was just announced! If you’re an RTS enthusiast living under a rock the past decade or are a complete RTS pleb that wants to get into the genre, Dawn of War is one of the highly successful and highly awesome games of the genre. Initially developed by Relic Entertainment, the Dawn of War series was published by the now defunct THQ. Since THQ’s bankruptcy, a lot of folks have thought that Relic Entertainment would end up getting disbanded or go under itself at the hands of Sega when it was sold to them back […]

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