CD Keys Spotlight: Overwatch – Lore and Animations

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Yeah, you know we’d head here eventually. But, by now, you all probably know that Overwatch offers the Team Fortress 2 experience with bewbs and waifus. However, that’s not a fair thing to say as it offers an entirely unique experience of FPS Multiplayer Online Battle Arena or, as most of you keep denying, a MOBA. Overwatch counts as a MOBA; deal with it. CD Keys: Seriously, Watch Overwatch Other than being stupidly fun and Esports-worthy, Overwatch offers a rich and amazing lore that Blizzard developed. We all know what Blizzard is capable of in terms of immersion and lore […]

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CD Keys Esports: FChamp, JWong, Ortiz in Manila Cup

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The fighting game genre has been an Esport way before the term was even ever invented. Picking up steam in the golden age of arcade gaming in the 90’s, fighting games have been part of the competitive culture for as long as gaming has existed. Ironically, it’s also one of the smaller spectacles in Esports compared to the titans that are Mobas. CD Keys: A More Competitive World However, this hasn’t stopped Capcom from continuously and aggressively setting up Street Fighter V onto the main stage. While the sales of the recently released game haven’t been stellar, the competitive scene […]

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