In a world of IP rights, having a CD Key is essential

Nowadays in the 21st century, almost everything has gone digital. This comes with a lot of advantages and disadvantages that have revolutionized the way businesses sell and distribute their software products. This has also changed how piracy operates. Making everything digital has also made it easier for pirates to propagate software illegitimately/illegally. In response to this, companies have been employing all sorts of countermeasures they can come up with in order to protect their intellectual properties and maintain their profits. One of these said countermeasures is the incorporation of a CD key for software products.   How a CD Key […]

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CD Keys – Marvel’s Agents of Overwatch!?


In the latest episode of Marvel’s Agents of Shield, a certain, unhinged Australian demolitions expert was the focus of the show and he had quite a few quotable quotes that many folks will recognize. The character in question is named James, an inhuman that’s been caught referencing Junkrat almost word for word as seen in the video above. CD Keys: There’s always love for Overwatch But if you’re thinking that quotes are the only things that reference everybody’s favorite trash mouse, it doesn’t end there. There is one point on the show where James tosses an object that looks eerily […]

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Let’s start off with the crème de la crème of what we all really want to know first in World of Warcraf: Legion – the classes. During the pre-patch invasion events, WoW was already updated to reflect the balance changes intended for Legion along with a slew of other improvements like animations and whatnot. But the biggest draw of this was the early access, for those that bought the Legion pre-order, to the much touted Demon Hunter. This was one class that folks waited on for YEARS. People have been clamoring for this class since the vanilla days due to how popular […]

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Destiny Key: DrLupo the Lighthouse Sherpa

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Considering the state of the game and the reputation it has gained through its existence since launch, Destiny isn’t exactly one of those games that’s on everybody’s mind right now. But Destiny does have one of the best, if not the best, communities in online gaming history with its tightly knit groups that are willing to help anybody out at the drop of a hat. Frankly, the community can be so nice that it pretty much should be the sole reason anybody goes on to get a Destiny key. The greatest example of awesomeness in Destiny’s community comes by the name […]

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CD Keys Esports: Evolution 2016 Results

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Evolution 2016 has come and gone and we’ve crowned a lot of new champions in the biggest Fighting Game event yet. Hosted on ESPN, the top tier fighters from all around the globe competed in Mandalay Bay for FG dominance in every sense of the phrase. Even basketball legends like Bill Walton found the experience enjoyable as EVO 2016 proved to be the biggest FG competition there ever was. Listed below are the top 8 of each major game in EVO. If you missed the action, there are tons of YouTube Videos of the top 8 of each tourney so […]

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CD Keys: Overwatch’s Competitive Mode is Here!

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Competitive mode! This is THE feature we’ve all been waiting for since many of us got our launch CD Keys! It was quite unfortunate that it was not available at launch for many feared it would hamper Overwatch being taken seriously. But, apparently, it wasn’t the case and was just something people looked forward to even more in a game as fun and fantastic as Overwatch. The current build is out now on PC with the console versions still soon to come. CD Keys: What is Competitive Mode like? For the most part, it’ll still feel like the Overwatch we all […]

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CD Keys Review: Overwatch from the POV of an FPS Hater Part 1

Let me get this straight: I HATE first person shooters. Inb4 “lol u prolly bad at them.” No. Just no. The last time I played competitively in a shooter was back in Call of Duty 3 when, you know, the series didn’t suck yet and was still grounded in the realism and significance of World War II. But once modern warfare came out and the rest of the sci-fi crap, I just really had to bow out of shooters entirely considering they were all pretty much the same. How? Well, you press left click a lot of time or hold […]

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