Redeem Codes E-Sports: Overwatch Atlantic Showdown Top 8

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The NA and EU qualifiers for ESL’s OVerwatch Atlantic Showdown are finally over and the 4 best teams from NA and the the 4 best from EU will be duking it out in the game’s first ever six-figure tournament held entirely at Gamescom in Germany. August 20 will be the date that we’ll have the first champion team in an event this huge. Remember to watch the event unfold and watch out for Overwatch redeem codes that may possibly be given away during the stream. The action’s not the only thing you’ll love at Gamescom, but the free redeem codes […]

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Redeem Codes: Overwatch Summer Olympics Loot Boxes!

With the latest update but a mere few hours ago from the time of this writing, Blizzard has introduced its first ever event skins for Overwatch! Live right now on PC, Xbox, and PS4 are the Summer Olympics-themed loot boxes for Overwatch! These exclusive event items are available only from today until the 22nd of August when the Summer Olympics close in Rio de Janeiro. Each loot box, like the regular loot boxes in game, have four random Summer Olympics-themed items. These range from awesomely Legendary skins to neat little sprays that highlight the hype and fanfare of these games. There is […]

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Redeem Code News: Star Citizen Backer Refund

In an unprecedented event, a backer of Star Citizen has successfully refunded the gross amount of $2550 from Cloud Imperium Games after bringing his complaints about the company to the L.A. Attorney General and consumer watchdogs, including the Federal Trade Commission. Afterwards, he went on publicly to show his correspondences with the associated parties to show how much of a hassle he had to go through just to get a refund for his undelivered Star Citizen redeem code. The backer, known as ‘Streetroller’, has put the back and forth on the SomethingAwful forums. It’s pretty long so we’ll give you a […]

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Redeem Code: Blizzard’s Overwatch Ban Wave

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If you aren’t familiar with Blizzard, though I find that quite odd, they’re very meticulous in ensuring the enjoyment of ALL their consumers, so long as they are in the right. But they’re also not pushovers that can be easily guilt-tripped into submission like that little issue with Tracer’s butt a few months back. That said, Blizzard said that they’d be cracking down on any form cheating with no exceptions. As always, they made good on their word and proceeded to ban anybody hacking with ban wave so massive that a leading hack selling redeem code hacks for Overwatch had […]

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