CD Keys Esports: Overwatch’s One Hero Limit Meta

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The first season of competitive mode is about to end in a week and folks have been scrambling all about with criticisms of the mode. You certainly can’t please everybody but it is quite apparent that the most hot topic issue, unsurprisingly, is still the 1 Hero limit. Whether to have it or not, majority of the opinion leans on having it, but there’s still a big chunk of the population, including pro teams like Cloud9, are heavily favoring its removal. But what does this all matter in the grand scheme of things that include you and your Overwatch CD […]

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CD Keys Esports: Ana Amari – Meta Changer

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Yesterday, the latest patch for Overwatch just hit the live servers with a ton of new changes and Overwatch game keys owners are overjoyed. A lot of these changes can be viewed in our previous article here, but the biggest and most significant change of them all is the meta-changing arrival of Ana Amari. Though it is too soon to say that she’ll change the meta, the way she’s played in both Quick Play and Competitive certainly seem to point in that direction and every Overwatch CD keys owner will want to know how. CD Keys Esports: The Meta-Changing Ana […]

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CD Keys Spotlight: Overwatch’s New Character and Balancing

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It’s been a crazy past few days for Overwatch with the recent development on PTR. Hold on to your CD Keys because Ana Amari, Aka. Granny, mother of our beloved Justice-raining babe, Pharah, has been revealed and is playable in the Public Test Region. But that’s not all! It’s an exciting time for Overwatch game keys owners as we are also seeing a lot of balance changes with the already existing heroes. There are a ton of them, but the most significant and prevalent are those heroes that have the possibility of affecting the meta of pro play. Specifically, D.Va, Zenyatta, […]

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CD Keys Spotlight: Healing and Support in Overwatch

We all know how rare it is to have a player that is eager and willing to play support in Overwatch. Most folks certainly didn’t buy their Overwatch CD Keys just to heal folks with a healing beam or passively running around and not really killing all that much. When there is a healer, especially in matches between players with low levels, folks that want to adjust to the team comp by picking a healer like Mercy, Lucio, or Zenyatta, they have no earthly idea on what to do and how to play them to their fullest potential. Some just […]

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CD Keys Spotlight: Overwatch’s Next Big Hero

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There’s a lot of hubbub about Overwatch’s next hero and fans have speculated that it’s going to be Sombra, one of the founders of Overwatch itself and the mother of the very lovely justice-loving Pharah. Blizzard has lately revealed that all the speculation of her being released is right on the mark as they let out a leaked “confidential” message between Dr. Angela Ziegler (that’s Mercy to you), the turret-loving Torbjorn, along with Jack Morrison (Dad 76) and Gabriel Reyes (Reaper, aka Edgy Dad). The $40 spent on the Overwatch CD keys are definitely worth it if they keep this […]

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CD Key Randomness! DCUO End Game Gearing Guide Part 1

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Welcome to the first ever installment of our new column called CD Key Randomness! Every X week, we’ll be picking a random game and write a guide about it. A lot of these guides can form up to several parts that may or may not be continued on the next installment. So, yeah, randomness. This first article we random’d is on DC Universe Online and how to go about your gear progression at end game. So get your DCUO game keys and cdkey on hand as we go trek through the madly awesome progression of DC Univese Online. CD Key Randoms: […]

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CD Keys Spotlight: Top 20 Babes in Fighting Games 2

“Even though some of us don’t have any access to console fighting games, we all can’t help but ogle at the bevy of babes fighting game history has presented us. We count down 20 of the most bodacious fighting game girls that have graced our screens in the past years.” Click here for Part 1! CD Keys Spotlight Continues! It’s been a while  since we revisited this topic, so we start off anew with part 2 of our CD Keys Spotlight: Top 20 Babes in Fighting Games. 18. Sonya Blade (Mortal Kombat Series) This Mortal Kombat staple is a beauty […]

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CD Key Spotlight: Dark Souls 3 – Press Copy Review

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If the previous incarnations of the Dark Souls series, including spinoffs like Bloodborne and its earlier incarnation, Demons’ Souls, were about worlds teetering on the edge of oblivion, Dark Souls 3 is one that is unabashedly exploring the already doomed world with new combat mechanics, rich lore, and stunning design. We’re lucky enough to get our own Press Copy CD Keys to review the game for you and to see if buying a Steam CD Key is worth your money. We won’t be exploring this too much because we would rather you all judge for yourselves how it goes. But, […]

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CD Key Spotlight: Top 20 Babes in Fighting Games

CD Key: Babes in Fighting Games There are tons of fighting games out there that have captured our hearts. While a lot of them were very exclusive for consoles and arcades, the landscape of the esports market these days is making fighting game developers adapt to bringing us delicious cd keys for the PC. Good notable examples of such games are Guilty Gear, Street Fighter, Blazblue, and Skullgirls. With that said, even though some of us don’t have any access to console fighting games, we all can’t help but ogle at the bevy of babes fighting game history has presented […]

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Redeem Codes: The Division and Destiny

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  People often compare The Division and Destiny due to how similar they are. But I have always thought that it is unfair to compare the two because they’re in completely different leagues. Other than the fact of Story and Lore differences, these two titan shooters are miles apart from one another and below are a few reasons as to why: Redeem Codes: Sandbox, Sandbox, Sandbox! Ok, neither of the titles are an actual sandbox, but the Division offers far more plentiful exploration options when compared to destiny. In fact, there’s far more exploration options in the Division when compared […]

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