Back to Basics: Clash of Clans Account Attacks with Giants

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Playing with giants in farming for elixir and gold in your Clash of Clans account is a basic move. Giants are usually used since they have affordable elixir price in the barracks with 2 minute training time. They are durable enough to tank damages for high level villages. Partnering them with bunch of wizards, archers or healers they will do the press of attack to destroy defenses. Troop Composition with Giants in Clash of Clans Account Here are few of the combined troop combination with the giants; Giant / Wizards – Wizards are the usually used troops in combining with […]

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Overwatch Account: EnVyUs Vs. Misfits in Overwatch Open Grand Finals


It’s official; Misfits is going head to head against arguably the best team in the world, EnVyUs. In a surprising twist of close matches and epic clutches, Misfits had recently defeated Rogue, the champion in the Overwatch Atlantic Showdown, in the European Finals leg of the Overwatch Open. Rogue, while already famed for their skill and team synergy in the European scene, surprised the esports world even more when they defeated EnVyUs in a close match in the Atlantic Showdown, eliminating them even before they got to grand finals. Rogue is, pretty much, the EnVyUs killer. With Misfits’ recent […]

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Pokemon Go Powerleveling: Evolving Pokemon

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Whenever you caught a Pokemon always keep it just for a period of time since evolving is one of the essential of this game. In evolving Pokemon you need a specified Pokemon candy so you can evolve the Pokemon you wanted. Now here are the things that you need to know in evolving Pokemon. CP and Skills in Pokemon Go Powerleveling There are times that we catch Pokemon with High CP together with high skill damage. But there are times that we catch Pokemon with high CP but with weak skill damage. Here are the things you need to watch […]

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August Balancing Update for Clash of Clans Account

The Maintenance Break for one of the most controversial Clash of Clans Update is just finished for Clash of Clans Account owners. With all the discussion beforehand; Supercell never told us any exact numbers. They always said words like “increase”, “slower” or “increased”. Update Breakdown for Clash of Clans Account Changes Here is the announcement and the full history of this update: Here are the things I gathered; the exact changes so you can get yourself a picture how this update will affect your own attacking. Cannon DPS Changes August Update – The DPS of the Cannon Level 11 to […]

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Overwatch Account: Is Overwatch a Fighting Game?

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Overwatch is, as we all know, a team-based shooter with lots of unique characters. However, despite the simplicity of the goal of a first person shooter, Overwatch seems to stand out from the rest past its uniqueness in being objectives-based, unique heroes, rock-paper-scissor gameplay, and the tons of creative ways to destroy people. Surely, having an Overwatch account isn’t too uncommon now due to the sheer number of people playing it and the perceived ease of it for casual gamers. If it’s been bugging you at the back of your mind, you’re not alone; some folks think Overwatch is a […]

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Pokemon Go Accounts Patch Notes

It has been over a month now since Pokemon Go’s release date (varying for different countries). As expected, there are some flaws to the games and fortunately, these don’t affect the game that much. With the intense popularity of the game, it is just right to fix these minor bugs quickly to avoid disappointment and they sure did. Here are some of the changes that Pokemon Go Accounts will see when they play. Pokemon Go Accounts Changes The very important addition is the notification when the game detects you are going too fast and assumed playing while driving. Kudos to […]

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SWTOR Credits: Support Us

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One thing I am completely confident about playing Star Wars: The Old Republic is that, I know the support team behind the game will respond fast. Yeah, I don’t know if that’s something Bioware, EA or whoever is responsible in responding to players’ tickets, is proud of. Like lost SWTOR Credits ticket, they respond quickly to that. SWTOR Credits for the Support Team I remember when I was new to SWTOR and I just reached max level, I had this stupid mistake of buying two earpieces from an NPC. Yeah, stupid of me because a character only has one slot […]

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Buy SWTOR Credits: Companions Talk

Making the economy of an MMORPG stable is one of the most difficult things to do if you’re on the game company’s end. It is pretty hard to come up with something that will stabilize the flow of in-game currency. Not to mention the availability of the crafting materials and how they will adjust the drop rates of those; it is nearly impossible to make a firm, balanced economy. Heck, it is so easy to get the in-game currency in SWTOR that I don’t need to buy SWTOR credits. This makes the prices in the GTN (Auction House) so absurd. […]

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X Clash of Clans Account Celebrating the Game’s Birthday

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The all time favorite mobile game turns 4 years old last 2nd of August and we’re celebrating it with a 1 Gem Boost for 1 whole week! That’s a lot of resources you cannot just earn by boosting for a very small amount of Gems in your Clash of Clans Account, it’s also insane loot we all can get because almost everybody in the game boosts mines and collectors. It’s the most golden days in the year when playing Clash of Clans, so be ready to give your Builders some work to do. 1 Gem boost for Resources in Clash […]

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Redeem Codes: Overwatch Summer Olympics Loot Boxes!

With the latest update but a mere few hours ago from the time of this writing, Blizzard has introduced its first ever event skins for Overwatch! Live right now on PC, Xbox, and PS4 are the Summer Olympics-themed loot boxes for Overwatch! These exclusive event items are available only from today until the 22nd of August when the Summer Olympics close in Rio de Janeiro. Each loot box, like the regular loot boxes in game, have four random Summer Olympics-themed items. These range from awesomely Legendary skins to neat little sprays that highlight the hype and fanfare of these games. There is […]

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