Overwatch Account: Is Overwatch a Fighting Game?

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Overwatch is, as we all know, a team-based shooter with lots of unique characters. However, despite the simplicity of the goal of a first person shooter, Overwatch seems to stand out from the rest past its uniqueness in being objectives-based, unique heroes, rock-paper-scissor gameplay, and the tons of creative ways to destroy people. Surely, having an Overwatch account isn’t too uncommon now due to the sheer number of people playing it and the perceived ease of it for casual gamers. If it’s been bugging you at the back of your mind, you’re not alone; some folks think Overwatch is a […]

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CD Keys Esports: Evolution 2016 Results

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Evolution 2016 has come and gone and we’ve crowned a lot of new champions in the biggest Fighting Game event yet. Hosted on ESPN, the top tier fighters from all around the globe competed in Mandalay Bay for FG dominance in every sense of the phrase. Even basketball legends like Bill Walton found the experience enjoyable as EVO 2016 proved to be the biggest FG competition there ever was. Listed below are the top 8 of each major game in EVO. If you missed the action, there are tons of YouTube Videos of the top 8 of each tourney so […]

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Blade and Soul Gold: PvP Self-Entitled Crybabies

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Oh, the poor and deluded, self-entitled masses… This is an unavoidable thing in most, if not all, games. There’s going to be this one group of self-entitled players that think they deserve everything they scream at the devs for. Granted, sometimes, this group is in the right, but most of the time, they’re just spewing a shitload of crap. Blade and Soul is no stranger to this and, in fact, has an oddly larger number of individuals belonging to this group. Blade and Soul Gold: The Entitlement The video below is a great satirical look on how absurd the over-privileged players are […]

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CD Keys Esports: FChamp, JWong, Ortiz in Manila Cup

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The fighting game genre has been an Esport way before the term was even ever invented. Picking up steam in the golden age of arcade gaming in the 90’s, fighting games have been part of the competitive culture for as long as gaming has existed. Ironically, it’s also one of the smaller spectacles in Esports compared to the titans that are Mobas. CD Keys: A More Competitive World However, this hasn’t stopped Capcom from continuously and aggressively setting up Street Fighter V onto the main stage. While the sales of the recently released game haven’t been stellar, the competitive scene […]

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