Overwatch Account Bugged: From 0 to 5000 Rank

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A curiosity has arisen in Overwatch statistics like MasterOverwatch: A Korean player, going by the name of IzA attempted to tank his rank in competitive mode, similar to the endeavors of many other players already, and has, indeed, hit rock bottom. However, what he didn’t count on was, that past rock bottom, he would obtain the most coveted rank of them all, 5000. That’s right, due to a glitch in the system, IzA, despite losing every single match, has obtained the highest possible rank in Season 2. Apparently, getting deducted in rank even more past 0 had his rank roll back […]

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CD Keys E-sports: EnVyUS Dominating Overwatch

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Overwatch, while managing to be obscenely popular, selling 10 million CD keys, is still finding its legs in the e-sports scene. It’s already quite popular among stream-watchers in both twitch and YouTube, but the competitive scene is still struggling to have a permanent base set rule for its matches. So far, as the weeks go by, it’s becoming more and more clear as to what the community wants and Blizzard is definitely going in to accommodate them. For example, the stopwatch rules on payload maps that have been the standard of payload maps for the past two months in Overwatch […]

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CD Keys Esports: Evolution 2016 Results

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Evolution 2016 has come and gone and we’ve crowned a lot of new champions in the biggest Fighting Game event yet. Hosted on ESPN, the top tier fighters from all around the globe competed in Mandalay Bay for FG dominance in every sense of the phrase. Even basketball legends like Bill Walton found the experience enjoyable as EVO 2016 proved to be the biggest FG competition there ever was. Listed below are the top 8 of each major game in EVO. If you missed the action, there are tons of YouTube Videos of the top 8 of each tourney so […]

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Buy SWTOR Credits: EV Solo Heals

SWTOR Credits

Last time I shared with you the idea of raid team composition and how it is not a hard requirement in trying to get through bosses. It is not required to have two tanks, four DPS and two healers all the time. Sometimes you will just be needing one tank and a healer. I bet you will be taking out your wallet and placing your bets on me (or buy SWTOR Credits then giving them to me) if you just have seen me solo heal Eternity Vault. Buy SWTOR Credits: First Boss The first boss in Eternity Vault is Annihilator […]

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CD Key Spotlight: Dark Souls 3 – Press Copy Review

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If the previous incarnations of the Dark Souls series, including spinoffs like Bloodborne and its earlier incarnation, Demons’ Souls, were about worlds teetering on the edge of oblivion, Dark Souls 3 is one that is unabashedly exploring the already doomed world with new combat mechanics, rich lore, and stunning design. We’re lucky enough to get our own Press Copy CD Keys to review the game for you and to see if buying a Steam CD Key is worth your money. We won’t be exploring this too much because we would rather you all judge for yourselves how it goes. But, […]

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