CD Keys: Resident Evil 7 Announced!

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Holy crap it’s been announced! During Capcom’s press release in E3 2016, they’ve let out one doozey of an announcement! Resident Evil 7 is to be released on January 24, 2017, and comes with a drool-inducing trailer to boot. Here’s the video below: I don’t know about you folks, but I’ve been waiting for Resident Evil 7 ever since Capcom promised to go back to its roots after the failure of RE6. Fans of the Horror genre simply LOVE to be scared. It’s, of course, the primary emotion that keep us engaged in the genre in the first place. The […]

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CD Keys Spotlight: Until Dawn

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Ever scream at a horror movie like Friday the 13th or Halloween because some of the protagonists are clear idiots? Ever watch any other protagonist check out some creepy noise alone and you’re screaming at the back of your mind for him not to check it out? Ever think that you’re smarter than any of those main characters? Well, here’s your chance. Until Dawn is an interactive drama survival-horror game developed by Supermassive games that thrusts players into the shoes of a group of college kids that aim to survive a “cabin in the woods” setting. It’s different from our usual […]

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