Resident Evil 7 – The Greatest Horror Comeback!

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Resident Evil 7 is unlike any other RE title in existence. Released back in January, the game has taken the gaming world my storm and proves that Capcom still got it. After 2 lackluster titles in the form of Resident Evil 5 and 6, RE7 is a return to form for Capcom, hearkening back to the claustrophobic and helpless horror that protagonists Jill and Chris experienced in the Arklay Mansion. RE7 is focused much more on the ambience, atmosphere, and puzzles that are reminiscent of RE’s earlier incarnations, rather than the action-movie-esque polish of the 2 previous installments. Set in rural […]

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Buy SWTOR Credits for the Toxic People

Buy SWTOR Credits

Star Wars: The Old Republic is an MMORPG that needs a monthly subscription to fully appreciate the whole game. $15 per month, more or less. It is as expensive as millions worth of credits when you buy SWTOR credits. Anyways, back to fully appreciating the content of SWTOR. One of the finest things in the game are the cut scenes. SWTOR is definitely is the winner when it comes to cut scenes. Buy SWTOR Credits: Skipping Cut Scenes Correct me if I am wrong, non-subscribed players cannot skip cut scenes. It is ironic though, subscribed players would like to skip […]

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SWTOR Credits: A Tale of Two Powertechs

SWTOR Credits

There are eight advanced classes in Star Wars: The Old Republic namely Assassin / Shadow, Sage / Sorcerer, Jedi Knight / Juggernaut, Sentinel / Marauder, Sniper / Gunslinger, Scoundrel / Operative, Commando / Mercenary and last but definitely not the least Vanguard / Powertech. Yeah I would have said 16 but no, because the other faction side is only the counterpart of the other. A SWTOR player who plays a whole lot would normally have at least max leveled all eight classes in one faction. Yeah I would like to consider myself as “normal” for having all the eight advanced […]

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CD Keys Spotlight: Until Dawn

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Ever scream at a horror movie like Friday the 13th or Halloween because some of the protagonists are clear idiots? Ever watch any other protagonist check out some creepy noise alone and you’re screaming at the back of your mind for him not to check it out? Ever think that you’re smarter than any of those main characters? Well, here’s your chance. Until Dawn is an interactive drama survival-horror game developed by Supermassive games that thrusts players into the shoes of a group of college kids that aim to survive a “cabin in the woods” setting. It’s different from our usual […]

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CD Key Spotlight: Top 20 Babes in Fighting Games

CD Key: Babes in Fighting Games There are tons of fighting games out there that have captured our hearts. While a lot of them were very exclusive for consoles and arcades, the landscape of the esports market these days is making fighting game developers adapt to bringing us delicious cd keys for the PC. Good notable examples of such games are Guilty Gear, Street Fighter, Blazblue, and Skullgirls. With that said, even though some of us don’t have any access to console fighting games, we all can’t help but ogle at the bevy of babes fighting game history has presented […]

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