Overwatch Account News: TBS to Air Overwatch Open

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Hold on to your Overwatch account as this game is getting bigger and bigger with each passing day. It’s not surprising to find out that the Overwatch Open, hosted by Eleague, is going to be aired on television by TBS. This is because Eleague is a subsidiary of Turner Broadcasting which is just TBS entirely. What’s surprising about this is that Overwatch really is picking up a lot of momentum in the e-sports scene as it is surpassing the threshold of acceptance in the industry by being taken much more seriously, much more quickly. Considering that TBS also aired the […]

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Redeem Codes E-Sports: Overwatch Atlantic Showdown Top 8

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The NA and EU qualifiers for ESL’s OVerwatch Atlantic Showdown are finally over and the 4 best teams from NA and the the 4 best from EU will be duking it out in the game’s first ever six-figure tournament held entirely at Gamescom in Germany. August 20 will be the date that we’ll have the first champion team in an event this huge. Remember to watch the event unfold and watch out for Overwatch redeem codes that may possibly be given away during the stream. The action’s not the only thing you’ll love at Gamescom, but the free redeem codes […]

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SWTOR Credits: Support Us

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One thing I am completely confident about playing Star Wars: The Old Republic is that, I know the support team behind the game will respond fast. Yeah, I don’t know if that’s something Bioware, EA or whoever is responsible in responding to players’ tickets, is proud of. Like lost SWTOR Credits ticket, they respond quickly to that. SWTOR Credits for the Support Team I remember when I was new to SWTOR and I just reached max level, I had this stupid mistake of buying two earpieces from an NPC. Yeah, stupid of me because a character only has one slot […]

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CD Keys Esports: Overwatch Reaches 15 Million Players

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Activision-Blizzard confirmed that Overwatch has gone past 15 million players across platforms, “including box and digital sales, internet game room players, and multi-user console households.” This news comes from the latest report on Activision’s second quarter earnings found here. Overwatch has the biggest online community in the history of the company, surpassing that of even World of Warcraft and Hearthstone, though it certainly would not have the same level of success if it weren’t for the already established fan base of said games. CD Keys Esports: The Overwatch Monster It has been monstrously popular in the gaming world since even before its […]

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Buy SWTOR Credits: Companions Talk

Making the economy of an MMORPG stable is one of the most difficult things to do if you’re on the game company’s end. It is pretty hard to come up with something that will stabilize the flow of in-game currency. Not to mention the availability of the crafting materials and how they will adjust the drop rates of those; it is nearly impossible to make a firm, balanced economy. Heck, it is so easy to get the in-game currency in SWTOR that I don’t need to buy SWTOR credits. This makes the prices in the GTN (Auction House) so absurd. […]

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X Clash of Clans Account Celebrating the Game’s Birthday

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The all time favorite mobile game turns 4 years old last 2nd of August and we’re celebrating it with a 1 Gem Boost for 1 whole week! That’s a lot of resources you cannot just earn by boosting for a very small amount of Gems in your Clash of Clans Account, it’s also insane loot we all can get because almost everybody in the game boosts mines and collectors. It’s the most golden days in the year when playing Clash of Clans, so be ready to give your Builders some work to do. 1 Gem boost for Resources in Clash […]

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SWTOR Credits Finding Guild

It is almost impossible to go solo flight in Star Wars: The Old Republic. There are numerous roadblocks when you do play alone. Most activities, dailies, weeklies and of course, raids, are only doable with someone (or in a group). There are in-game activities that can be soloed but the convenience of doing them with someone is priceless. Yeah, cannot be measured by any quantity of SWTOR Credits. SWTOR Credits: Help With the knowledge of playing alone in Star Wars: The Old Republic is not desirable, you must try and find one, well, in-game. Maybe shout in the general chat […]

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CD Keys E-sports: EnVyUS Dominating Overwatch

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Overwatch, while managing to be obscenely popular, selling 10 million CD keys, is still finding its legs in the e-sports scene. It’s already quite popular among stream-watchers in both twitch and YouTube, but the competitive scene is still struggling to have a permanent base set rule for its matches. So far, as the weeks go by, it’s becoming more and more clear as to what the community wants and Blizzard is definitely going in to accommodate them. For example, the stopwatch rules on payload maps that have been the standard of payload maps for the past two months in Overwatch […]

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Buy SWTOR Credits: Mara/Sent PvP Pt. 2

Last time we talked about someone asking the standing of Marauders in PvP in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Since last time I only gave my opinion on the topic, let us now see what other people think. This can also confirm if I was right or not. Hopefully, I was correct because I might buy SWTOR credits to make for my mistake. LOL? Buy SWTOR Credits: People’s Opinion This is from Nitia: In 8 months? I don’t think much has changed in the meta to be honest. You’ll still see Marauders in a good spot, high dps, good burst […]

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Y Defense against Magic: Village vs. Wizards in Clash of Clans Account

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No matter if you have designed your base yourself or if you took a base from the internet, this guide is about designing and optimizing the outside of your base for your Clash of Clans Account. Many think the outside is just the place where the leftover buildings are, and that’s it. In fact, your outside is maybe the most viable part of your defensive line and you have some options to ruin your attacker’s day with a few adjustments. Defending On the Outside against Clash of Clans Troops Why is defending on the outside such an underrated part of […]

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