CD Keys Esports: Overwatch’s One Hero Limit Meta

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The first season of competitive mode is about to end in a week and folks have been scrambling all about with criticisms of the mode. You certainly can’t please everybody but it is quite apparent that the most hot topic issue, unsurprisingly, is still the 1 Hero limit. Whether to have it or not, majority of the opinion leans on having it, but there’s still a big chunk of the population, including pro teams like Cloud9, are heavily favoring its removal. But what does this all matter in the grand scheme of things that include you and your Overwatch CD […]

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CD Keys E-Sports: TNC Wins Against All Odds

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Hope you didn’t bet away your Dota 2 CD keys and game keys for OG to win The International because there’s some bad news you might want to hear. TNC, an underdog Filipino team and the only SEA representative still alive and kicking in The International, has just defeated the tournament’s most favored team, OG, Overpowered Gorillas, in a stunning 2-0 streak. TNC is, to be completely honest, just a no-name team from the Philippines that happened to show that anyone can beat the best so long as you put in a lot of hard work, dedication, and a bit […]

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CD Keys E-sports: EnVyUS Dominating Overwatch

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Overwatch, while managing to be obscenely popular, selling 10 million CD keys, is still finding its legs in the e-sports scene. It’s already quite popular among stream-watchers in both twitch and YouTube, but the competitive scene is still struggling to have a permanent base set rule for its matches. So far, as the weeks go by, it’s becoming more and more clear as to what the community wants and Blizzard is definitely going in to accommodate them. For example, the stopwatch rules on payload maps that have been the standard of payload maps for the past two months in Overwatch […]

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CD Keys Esports: Overwatch Ana Buff and McCree Nerf

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“BUFF MCCREE” “NERF MCCREE” “BUFF ANA” “I WANT PIZZA” Blizzard listened and Blizzard delivered. Sometimes I’m not really sure if that’s a good thing. McCree’s been up and down in the meta as of late and, hopefully, this will be the last time for him in a very long time. Hold onto your CD keys and game keys and see the changes below: CD Keys: The Overwatch Changes Ana   Biotic Rifle   -Rate of fire increased by 20%   -Magazine size increased from 8 to 10   Developer Comments: While Ana has been very well received, she was showing […]

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CD Keys Spotlight: Overwatch’s Sounds of Death – Ultimates

With Overwatch storming the PC CD keys industry, millions of players have been going at it with quick play matches and competitive plays all over the world. While one might think that everybody’s caught up with what’s what in Overwatch, there are still tons of new blood entering the game and boning up on the basics. The Sounds of Death video is an awesome vid to watch and see what to look out for in Overwatch. What, exactly, do newbies have to look out for? Only the most important death-prevention possible: The sound of an ultimate activating. Let’s watch! CD Keys: […]

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CD Keys Spotlight: Overwatch Anti-Turret Strategy

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So, I get into this Volskaya defense, right? As the game starts, my team is able to cap the first point without any problems, pushing aside the decent and proper enemy team of a Hanzo, Reinhardt, Mercy, Reaper, Genji, and Torbjorn. We think that this is going to be a cinch when, all of a sudden, as we try to rush the 2nd capture point, we are met with a stack of 3 Torbs, 2 Bastions, and a single Lucio. They set up pretty quickly considering that they were getting rushed already. None of us could get close enough to […]

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Redeem Code Esports: Overwatch Nerfs and New Hero Rumors

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Overwatch has taken the gaming world by storm and still has a phenomenal running in the 3 weeks it’s been out with Overwatch redeem code being bought left and right. At about 7 million players, this FPS MOBA is doing phenomenally well. With no sign of decline, Blizzard is taking good care of its IP by already informing the public of incoming balancing in the future. For starters, it’s already been stated by Blizzard that McCree is going to take a hit on the nerfing list due to his Fan the Hammer just being too strong. It’s strong enough to kill […]

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Blade and Soul Gold: More Melee Quitting

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You’ve got to understand that being Melee in Blade and Soul or pretty much any game for that matter can be a very trying experience. From Everquest to WoW, it’s always been the biggest challenge to take on end game content as a melee DPS due to the inherent tendency of most developers to make it as hard as possible to stick close to bosses. It gets even harder for folks that decided to get Blade and Soul Power leveling, botting, using Blade and Soul gold to get carried, or hacking because they don’t at all get prepared for how […]

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SWTOR Credits: A Tale of Two Powertechs

SWTOR Credits

There are eight advanced classes in Star Wars: The Old Republic namely Assassin / Shadow, Sage / Sorcerer, Jedi Knight / Juggernaut, Sentinel / Marauder, Sniper / Gunslinger, Scoundrel / Operative, Commando / Mercenary and last but definitely not the least Vanguard / Powertech. Yeah I would have said 16 but no, because the other faction side is only the counterpart of the other. A SWTOR player who plays a whole lot would normally have at least max leveled all eight classes in one faction. Yeah I would like to consider myself as “normal” for having all the eight advanced […]

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