Buy CD Keys for Dishonored 2!

After four long years of waiting, the sequel to Dishonored was finally released. Set fifteen years after the first game, you set out as either Corvo or Emily on a quest to take back what is theirs. Stealth! Murder! Everything you’ve come to expect from a Dishonored game, packaged in a shiny new engine and improved gameplay. What are you waiting for? Buy CD keys for Dishonored 2 now! Improved graphics, Improved gameplay, Improved Everything! This time, they used a new graphics engine, ‘Void’, instead of the Unreal Engine 3 they used for Dishonored.  This resulted in graphics so good, […]

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Questing, for the longest time, has been mired with linearity and predictability that it’s just an absolute bore for most people. The mere mention of “leveling” is enough to put off the average WoW player from leveling other characters past his or her first. The tedium of the medium is, in itself, at fault for propagating WoW power leveling services in first place because people don’t want to waste their time repeating the same quests over and over that give them no pleasure to do. In Legion, while they haven’t fixed the repetitive nature of the concept, they have, in […]

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Let’s start off with the crème de la crème of what we all really want to know first in World of Warcraf: Legion – the classes. During the pre-patch invasion events, WoW was already updated to reflect the balance changes intended for Legion along with a slew of other improvements like animations and whatnot. But the biggest draw of this was the early access, for those that bought the Legion pre-order, to the much touted Demon Hunter. This was one class that folks waited on for YEARS. People have been clamoring for this class since the vanilla days due to how popular […]

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Is A Legion CD Key Worth It? A Review in Progress

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It’s finally out now – no more beta CD keys, no more speculating, and definitely no more waiting. Legion is out in full force and, for a week, people have been scrambling like roaches scurrying around a recently lit kitchen. While the first week of Legion is proving to be an enjoyable one, there are still a ton of skeptics who think that a Legion key purchase won’t be worth it and may end up getting betrayed by Blizzard again ala Warlords of Draenor. But is it, really? A Closer Look into Legion – A CD Key Spotlight In the […]

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CD Keys Spotlight: World of Warcraft: Legion

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World of Warcraft has been around for more than a decade now and is still going strong despite a big dip in its subscription numbers. Legion is poised to bring back the MMO titan to its former glory by reintroducing the age-old enemy of Azeroth, the Burning Legion, and restoring the feel of the old, true and blue aesthetic and thematic of the Warcraft universe. But perhaps the biggest draw to the newest expansion of Legion is the fact that Demon Hunters, the class description of the very iconic Illidan Stormrage, is finally available to players and it is quite […]

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X Clash of Clans Account Celebrating the Game’s Birthday

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The all time favorite mobile game turns 4 years old last 2nd of August and we’re celebrating it with a 1 Gem Boost for 1 whole week! That’s a lot of resources you cannot just earn by boosting for a very small amount of Gems in your Clash of Clans Account, it’s also insane loot we all can get because almost everybody in the game boosts mines and collectors. It’s the most golden days in the year when playing Clash of Clans, so be ready to give your Builders some work to do. 1 Gem boost for Resources in Clash […]

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MUT Coins: William Jackson III

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Let us continue on taking a look on the newly drafted players from the 2016 draft and move on to the next player we need to get to know. We have to be familiarized with them so we have an idea on what to expect from them and we can definitely say that our MUT Coins will be put into good use on players that have talents that bring the work and numbers. Come join me as we get information and on what to expect from this young football player basing on his earlier football performance. MUT Coins: Cincinnati Bengals’ Twenty Fourth […]

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Redeem Code Continuation: Overwatch Buffs and Nerfs

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Here’s a full breakdown of the significant changes done for the current roster of Overwatch’s heroes. Note that many of these can be subject to change before the public version of this patch goes live, but you can expect it to lean in this same direction for these heroes. This is definitely the $60 for the Overwatch redeem code. For a video recap of the changes along with some minor impressions of the new character, Ana Amari, check out part 1 right here. The Redeem Code Rundown: D.Va D.Va isn’t being selected as often as our other tanks, and we […]

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CD Keys: Overwatch’s Competitive Mode is Here!

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Competitive mode! This is THE feature we’ve all been waiting for since many of us got our launch CD Keys! It was quite unfortunate that it was not available at launch for many feared it would hamper Overwatch being taken seriously. But, apparently, it wasn’t the case and was just something people looked forward to even more in a game as fun and fantastic as Overwatch. The current build is out now on PC with the console versions still soon to come. CD Keys: What is Competitive Mode like? For the most part, it’ll still feel like the Overwatch we all […]

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CD Keys: Overwatch – A Month After Launch

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It’s been a good month since Overwatch came out and, despite the protests of many pessimists, the game’s hype still hasn’t died down. It also doesn’t seem like it’s going to go away anytime soon either. The internet is lined with Overwatch memes, homages, fan art, shipping, porn – you name it and it pretty much exists already. With more updates coming up on the horizon and the imminence of competitive mode sometime this week, it’s hard to ignore the impact Overwatch has made, is making, and is going to make not only in the gaming scene in general, but […]

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