CD Keys – Marvel’s Agents of Overwatch!?


In the latest episode of Marvel’s Agents of Shield, a certain, unhinged Australian demolitions expert was the focus of the show and he had quite a few quotable quotes that many folks will recognize.

The character in question is named James, an inhuman that’s been caught referencing Junkrat almost word for word as seen in the video above.

CD Keys: There’s always love for Overwatch

But if you’re thinking that quotes are the only things that reference everybody’s favorite trash mouse, it doesn’t end there. There is one point on the show where James tosses an object that looks eerily like Junkrat’s ammo (billiard ball-looking things) and his name, James, is basically the shortened real name of Junkrat, Jamison Fawkes. So, yeah, it’s James.

But with this being the internet, a lot of people, most likely you, are skeptical about the actual legitimacy of said references. After all, this could all just be a silly coincidence. Fortunately, a Reddit post would prove skeptics wrong, with the episode’s writer confirming that it was all intentional. In fact, he even states that there are a couple of other references that people have missed.

“Hi. Matt Owens, writer of the episode here,” he wrote. “Can confirm the references. A couple of Tracer ones too from Simmons. Subtle ones cause her quotes would be too obvious to sneak in. Hooray crossover!”


Why so much Overwatch in SHIELD, of all things? “Overwatch procrastination is a large part of my writing process,” Owens said. Looks like some wires got crossed. And then everything exploded. Junkrat would be proud. And, frankly, if you don’t watch Agents of Shield, this is pretty much going to cause you to buy a dvd cd key or watch it on Netflix if you’re a fan of Overwatch. Heck, if you like Agents of Shield, you may even get curious enough to buy Overwatch cd keys too.